Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday 3/17/16 – Week 34: Holy Sweet Potatoes

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This morning I went into Evan’s room to change his diaper and give him a bottle.
I was about to pick him up when I noticed his pajamas.
They were a different color from the waist down.
Hmm, did they change color in the wash?
What happened here---?

And then I smelled it.

I peeled the pajamas off him and there was poop everywhere.  Not just in the diaper.  And not just on his thighs.
It was all the way up to his stomach!  Good lord!

I finally understood why people say, “Just put them in the bath!”
Oh yes, I got it.
There was no other option. 

I used as many baby wipes as I could and then it was bath time!
Looks like the sweet potatoes I made the night before had the effect of prunes!

Trust me, those pajamas ended up in the trash, but at least baby boy got all nice and clean!

My clean foxy boy

Friday 3/18/16 – We are in escrow!  We got an offer on our condo and after a brief counter, we accepted!

Stay tuned for more details as they come… but hopefully this is the beginning of us getting into our dream house in a great neighborhood for Evan!

Outside play date at a friend's house

Evan discovers grass

Later at dinner time, Evan became a vampire!

Tuesday 3/22/16 – Evan and I met some friends at the zoo today.
We stopped at the giraffes and I took him out of the stroller. 

He started reaching for the giraffes!
He loved them!
It was the sweetest thing.

What wasn’t the sweetest thing was watching two giraffes almost make more little baby giraffes!
Of course Evan didn’t realize what was happening but I was relieved when the big, tall giraffe walked away from his lady giraffe.

Wednesday 3/23/16 – I can’t believe my angel is 8 months old today!

"I love my mommies!"

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday 3/10/16 – Week 33: Lights Out

Evan, comin' at ya!

Just as Evan and I get out of the elevator after our walk with Frankie, the power goes out! 
In the whole building and neighborhood!
Thank god this didn’t happen while we were IN THE DAMN ELEVATOR!!!!

I like a challenge.
Well, here it was: Get Angel to sleep with no power.

I had just enough light to give Evan a bath.
Of course, I couldn’t use our bottle machine because there was no power!  Thank god we had pre-made formula for him!

I was about to give him his bottle and realized there was now no white noise machine for him to fall asleep to.
Ok, ok…. I got this.

I have a white noise app on my phone!
I selected OCEAN and pressed play.

Angel boy didn’t realize anything was different and he fell asleep in my arms.
I laid him in his crib and left the room, with my phone on his side table still playing ocean noises.
I closed the door.  
Then realized the monitor doesn’t work because the camera has no electricity!

So no baby monitor…
Ok, ok…people didn’t have baby monitors back in the dark ages!  I will be fine and so will he!
Well that lasted all of two minutes because I love checking in on him whenever I want.

At this moment, people from our building started congregating in the courtyard.
Which is right outside Evan’s window!
Are we moving yet?!

“Oh my god, the power is out!” I heard them all say.
“Yeah, no shit!  Try having a baby and dealing with no power!  Oh, and shut the f&%$ up because he’s trying to sleep!”

I wanted to see how he was so I snuck into his dark room and sat behind the chair holding my phone that was still playing ocean noises.

Can the lights please come on so I can eat dinner?!
After about an hour, the lights did come back on, thank god, and order was restored!

Saturday 3/12/16 – I put Evan to bed tonight and looked at him asleep in his crib.
I started crying. 

Tomorrow is my birthday.
For my birthday for years and years, all I’ve ever wanted was a baby.
Last year, I remember being pregnant and thinking that for my next birthday we will have an 8 month old!

And now he’s here.
Our boy.  Our sweet angel.

I did it.
I birthed him and made it through breast feeding challenges and he's healthy and happy and so sweet. And I love him so much. More than words.

I can’t believe he made my dreams come true.

"Who is that handsome guy?"

"Come give me a kiss!"

Sunday 3/13/16 – Happy Birthday to me!

Birthday kisses from Evan!

My how birthdays have changed.
We went to the zoo today!
And of course it was the perfect day and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.
I love my baby boy and my wife and my family.

Monday 3/14/16 – That damn sign language class has paid off!
Evan started to sign for MILK!

Right before bed, he always wants that last bottle so much.  Now he opens and closes his hand and makes little noises like he is telling us what he wants!
So adorable.

Let me just say that now since he is eating more, his diapers are no joke.  Puree poop diapers.  WOW.  Can’t we go back to the formula ones?!

Evan had his 8 month appointment today.

He is 22 pounds, 12 ounces and 29” long!  
He is still in the 95th percentile for height and weight.  Evan is going to be a tall boy!

He was smiling at all of the nurses and the doctor and while we waited in the room to be seen, he tore up all the paper on the table!  He loved the crinkle noise and had so much fun!

Tonight we put him to sleep in his crib and a few hours later, he woke up crying.  Real tears, real hard crying.
We recently read that at this age in their development, babies can have nightmares.  
How cruel is that?!

We think that’s what happened tonight.  
After about a minute, he fell right back asleep.  Poor little angel. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday 3/3/16 – Week 32: Baby Kisses

Rocket boy!

Friday 3/4/16 – Somehow Evan loves to eat now!
He likes bananas and peas when he hated them a few days ago.  I’m still feeding him once a day but will start doing it twice a day pretty soon. 

It’s challenging to try and figure out this new routine.  It was so easy when he just drank milk!  I got that routine down baby!

Now it’s food plus milk and then you tell me we are going out for the afternoon so I have to bring my whole kitchen and pantry with us?!!!!!!

My little angel taught himself how to drink through a straw today!  God it’s the cutest thing watching him do it.

Evan and Mommy photo shoot!

Monday 3/7/16 – Daylight savings time prep begins!
I’m going to start putting him to bed 10 minutes earlier every night in preparation for this weekend when we spring ahead an hour.  That way when it’s Saturday night at 6:00pm and he’s going to sleep, it will actually be 7:00pm and he’ll be right on track!
At least that is what I’m hoping…

"We'll see, Mommy!"

"I am the master of this household!"

Before his afternoon nap he was so sleepy and lovey dovey and he just kept kissing me!  Baby kisses are big open mouth kisses that he plants right on my cheek.
I started to kiss his neck and really get in there and he would smile and giggle and kiss me back on the cheek.  It was so, so cute.  I love him so much.

Tonight during the bath, Julia and I had to tell him NO really sternly for the first time ever.  He kept trying to rocket launch himself out of his tub!

His tub is at an angle so he is semi-upright and he kept kicking his legs at the bottom to launch himself up.  We told him NO and he looked at us with so much confusion.  “What do you mean by this word NO?”

Yeah, we will be using a new big boy tub tomorrow.

Tuesday 3/8/16 – I had my follow-up obgyn appointment today.  Somehow I decided to make this appointment on a non-nanny day.  I asked them on the phone if I could bring my son with me and they said, “Of course!  People do it all the time!”

Ok, let’s go show my doctor my little boy who he helped take care of for 9+ months.

Well, this quickly turned out to be a big mistake.

We had a private house showing scheduled right before we had to leave for the doctor.  So during Evan’s nap, I cleaned and straightened up and hid all of Evan’s things so the only evidence of a baby living here was his crib.

A whole 15 minutes before the people were supposed to arrive, Frankie wouldn’t stop barking. 

Someone walks down the hallway, he barks.
Someone walks up the stairwell, he barks.
A leaf falls off a tree three miles away, he barks.

Then my phone rings and… he barks A LOT.
The people supposed to see our condo cancel!  Just before they are set to arrive!

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I cleaned this house for nothing!

It was time to leave for the doctor, so I gave Evan his bottle.  He didn’t want to drink it.  It was time for him to eat, but he wasn’t feeling it.

Once the baby takes their first sip, the formula bottles are only good for ONE HOUR.  We joke that they will explode after 60 minutes.

I set my timer and brought the bottle with us.

Then we hit traffic.  Lots of traffic.
We somehow weren’t going to be late, but that damn bottle would expire before we got to the doctor. 

I pulled over to offer some to Evan.

He still didn’t want it.  He kept playing with it and biting the nipple and I was so happy I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore!

BOOM the bottle expired.

We got to the doctor and there was NO PARKING.

We had to park in OVERFLOW parking and race to the other building where my appointment was. 

Ok, this was clearly a mistake to schedule this appointment and bring Evan with me, but I was doing ok so far. 

I figured I would be home in time for his next bottle and afternoon nap.


My doctor was always on time for us.  
Until today.
We waited over an hour in the waiting room!

I bounced Evan and walked around and showed him all the paintings on the wall and when I’d exhausted all my tricks, he started getting restless.

Finally we get checked into the room and now Evan is PISSED.

It’s time for a diaper change AND a bottle and thank god I have an emergency bottle of formula in my purse.  I change his diaper quickly and the doctor comes in. 

Halfway through my exam, Evan is STARVING. 

I feed him the bottle and the doctor gives us a minute.
Can we please get this appointment over with already?!!!

A full belly = a happy baby.

After finding out I had a little more weight to lose until I hit my magical pre-pregnancy weight (which is so f*&%ing stupid that we moms all aspire to hit that miraculous number after our bodies MADE A HUMAN), I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch and it was now well after 3pm.

Evan fell asleep in the car and naturally I found myself at the most logical place.

That was the best burger and fries I’d had in a very long time.  

I had to pull over to really appreciate it.  God it was delicious!

Wednesday 3/9/16 – Tonight was my second night of working out after I put Evan to sleep.  I started doing some 25 minute exercise videos and they are kicking my ass!