Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday 2/25/16 – Week 31: Evan Claps

We had our second Gymboree class today and there were more people there.  
A few moms asked me how old Evan was and then couldn’t believe he was so big!  
And everyone was shocked by how much hair he has!

He’s the youngest in the class (which is for 6-10 month olds) and almost all other babies can crawl.  I know once he learns that, it will be even more fun for him to move along the ramps and slides.  

They change their entire room set up every 2 weeks with new slides, ramps and mats.  That way no one gets bored!

But let’s be real, I’m in no hurry for Evan to crawl.  Especially with us hopefully moving soon.  Let’s just baby proof the next place, not this one!

I know some parents really obsess over these milestones, but I’m taking (at least) this one in stride.  

Then he did this...

Take your time, Evan!

Tonight we tried peas for dinner.  We were unsuccessful…

Sunday 2/28/16 – The three of us went out to lunch today and there were two women at the table next to us who fell in love with Evan.

They asked his name and said "Evan Charles" sounds so royal!
You know it!

And just like that, he POSED!

This boy is hilarious!

When he's hanging out on his tummy time mat, Evan now is interested in the animals on the actual mat!

He really couldn't care less before, but now he's becoming more interested in so many different things.  Especially detailed things, like this mat and buttons and zippers.

Wednesday 3/2/16 – Today was a huge day…
We were all hanging out in Evan's room and Julia and I started clapping. 
He looked at me and saw me clapping.

Then he looked at my hands... 
and he put his hands together and CLAPPED!

Clap, Clap, Clap

Say CHEESE, clapping boy!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday 2/18/16 – Week 30: Sign This!

My tiny dancer

Evan and I went to his first Gymboree class today.
I wanted to try out a new class and this one isn’t far from our house and has free valet parking… BONUS!
Plus, let’s be real, I had a gift certificate for free classes from the Ellen Mother's Day Show!

Despite their logo being a creepy clown…

…Evan had a great time!

He really liked the teacher who sang songs and played a tambourine.  The other parents were nice and there was even some unstructured play time where we could try out their ramps and slides and interact with the other babies.

It didn’t feel like a non-stop class for me, and I appreciated that!
Some of these baby classes are GO GO GO and by the end, I’m sweating and need a damn drink!

Evan slept in the car on the way home and I transferred him to his crib to continue his nap.
This worked well… until the fire alarm went off.
We gotta move STAT!

Friday 2/19/16 – Evan is still saying “Bababa” and sometimes he even throws in a “Mama”!
We took a sign language class today because I thought it would be good to learn a few basic signs so that Evan and I could communicate with each other.

We learned signs for:

And others, but these are the ones I might be able to remember and try to teach him!

The class was going well until the kid next to us (who was older and crawling all around) kept coming up to Evan and putting his fingers in Evan's mouth!

WTF is wrong with these kids... and by kids, I mean what's wrong with their PARENTS?!!

Evan has TEETH and he’s not afraid to use them!

"Say what?!"

"Let me at 'em!"

Sunday 2/21/16 – Tonight was mommies night out!
We went out to dinner and had a babysitter come over.  She put Evan to bed and it dawned on me... No one had done that before!

So after I wiped the tears from my eyes and ordered a drink, we had a great time!

The great thing about this age and our angel boy is that once he gets put to bed, he sleeps!  

Rockstar hair!

So the babysitter is really there just in case of an emergency.  Pretty nice gig!

Tuesday 2/23/16 – Somehow Evan is 7 months old today!

"I make polos look so good!"

This kid really is amazing.  Such a happy boy!

I do not like to cook.  There, I said it.
But I bought a cookbook for baby food and wanted to attempt to make some food for Evan.


I steamed and mashed some apples, bananas and peas and it was easier than I thought!
Another Mommy WIN!

Wednesday 2/24/16 – Speaking of food that I MADE, Evan had some apples today and he eventually liked them!

Apples and carrots for ol' blue eyes

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday 2/11/16 – Week 29: Pears For The Win!

Philly LOVE!

It’s 5:00am and Evan is awake and crying.

He’s holding his mouth.
Poor angel has more teeth coming and they are painful.

I went in and gave him the teething drops and 4 ounces since it was close enough to his wake up time.  I tried to get him to fall back asleep.

I turned off the light and held him upright in my arms over my shoulder.  I hummed him a song and patted his back and touched his hair.

He fell asleep.

This was so worth getting up early for.  One day, he will be too big to do this.
I’m treasuring it now.

Friday 2/12/16 – We tried pears today…
And he liked them!

Pears for the win!
He’s been talking up a storm.  Everything is “BABABABA”.  It’s adorable!

We went out to a thai restaurant and Evan had a great time!
I can't wait to take him to all different types of restaurants so he can try new things.

Sunday 2/14/16 – Happy Valentine’s Day to my little angel boy!

In the morning when Julia goes in to give Evan his first bottle, I like to watch them on the monitor.

As soon as she opens the door she says, “Good morning!” and Evan starts kicking and making screeching noises because he’s so excited!

I love watching them.  He loves her so much.

Monday 2/15/16 – Lunch today was bananas and some raspberries.
It seemed good at first, but then he wasn’t really into either!

I will keep trying!  He’s not gonna get me down!

Tuesday 2/16/16 – Carrots were on the menu today.
Evan wasn’t feeling them…

"I will eat the spoon instead!"

But he was enjoying his Zoli cup!
He's taught himself how to suck through a straw!

Wednesday 2/17/16 – This afternoon, I brought Evan into our room and laid him on the bed.  His eyes got big and he looked around, so excited to be in a new place.

I moved my hand over the lamp and started making shadow puppets on the ceiling.
He was laughing and laughing!
Then I was laughing!

It was so much fun just hanging out with him. 
I was laying there thinking about how awesome he is.  My little angel boy and I making shadow puppets.  Laughing and laughing.
I love this kid!

We tried carrots again today and he seemed to like them!
For the first time, he didn’t gag while eating!
Mommy win!

I recommend all new moms go get their hair done!
It makes you feel AMAZING!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday 2/4/16 – Week 28: No Mommy Sick Days

Little bunny says hi!

Ugh how did I get sick. 
Maybe I caught Evan’s cold?

I feel exhausted and can’t really breathe and am not feeling like the best mom here.
I don’t feel as present and I know this will happen periodically.  I just want to feel like myself again.  Mommy needs a time out to recharge!

Today was the last day of Mommy & Me class.  There are technically 3 more sessions, but I figured having done sessions 1 and 2, I was good.  I made a lot of great friends and we will all still stay in touch and have lunches together.

Plus I need to save my money for the nanny, who is definitely making my life easier!

And I want to take Evan to some classes that are more geared towards his development.  
So we will try a few of those soon.

Sunday 2/7/16 – I’m still sick.  This really sucks.  And moms don’t get days off!
Thank god it’s the weekend and Jules has been helping me out.  I’m hoping I feel better soon.

We saw some houses today and are hoping we soon have a buyer for our place. 

We have had a few people come back for second showings, so we are crossing our fingers for an offer (or two or three)!!!

Monday 2/8/16 – We had more showings today and I think one of them was a second showing where someone came back.
Let’s get into escrow baby!

I tried a new approach for Evan’s hatred of food.

When I first heard of people giving their kids rice cereal, I didn’t think it made much sense.  It’s mainly carbs and not exactly a vegetable or fruit.

Well, then it dawned on me.
He first needs to learn how to swallow something other than milk!
Then we can worry about what he is actually ingesting!

The rice cereal went ok and I even got brave and tried some avocado.

As you can see, that didn't go so well!

I also saw... his top tooth is IN!

I couldn’t believe it!
My angel is getting so many teeth!

Tuesday 2/9/16 – Through my Mommy & Me class, I found out about a service that installs, cleans and checks your car seat for you.

We had been taking the car seat in and out of the car so many times from all of our travels and I didn’t feel the base was as secure as it could be.

Somehow, it was 100 degrees today.  Nothing like a February heat wave.
Hello, global warming!
Best part was we had another private showing today so I had to leave and bring Frankie with us!
(Note the sarcasm... I love getting kicked out of my house on the daily.)

The woman checked the car seat and was able to get it even tighter than I had it.  Now angel is all safe and I’m not touching that thing again!

For lunch, Evan tried bananas today. 
At first, I thought there was a breakthrough, and then he clearly hated them.
Mommy will keep trying.

Evan has been finding his tongue!  He’s so cute when he sticks it out and touches it and must be thinking, “Wow, what’s this!”

Speaking of his mouth, he also realized that he can GRIND HIS TEETH.
Omg I just got chills typing that.

My tactic is not to react so he doesn’t think it’s a game and continues doing it.
But man does it send shivers down my spine!

Wednesday 2/10/16 – Tried a different brand of baby cereal/oatmeal today and Evan seemed to like it!

He is learning to swallow food from a spoon!

One small step for Mom… one giant leap for mankind!