Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday 3/17/16 – Week 34: Holy Sweet Potatoes

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This morning I went into Evan’s room to change his diaper and give him a bottle.
I was about to pick him up when I noticed his pajamas.
They were a different color from the waist down.
Hmm, did they change color in the wash?
What happened here---?

And then I smelled it.

I peeled the pajamas off him and there was poop everywhere.  Not just in the diaper.  And not just on his thighs.
It was all the way up to his stomach!  Good lord!

I finally understood why people say, “Just put them in the bath!”
Oh yes, I got it.
There was no other option. 

I used as many baby wipes as I could and then it was bath time!
Looks like the sweet potatoes I made the night before had the effect of prunes!

Trust me, those pajamas ended up in the trash, but at least baby boy got all nice and clean!

My clean foxy boy

Friday 3/18/16 – We are in escrow!  We got an offer on our condo and after a brief counter, we accepted!

Stay tuned for more details as they come… but hopefully this is the beginning of us getting into our dream house in a great neighborhood for Evan!

Outside play date at a friend's house

Evan discovers grass

Later at dinner time, Evan became a vampire!

Tuesday 3/22/16 – Evan and I met some friends at the zoo today.
We stopped at the giraffes and I took him out of the stroller. 

He started reaching for the giraffes!
He loved them!
It was the sweetest thing.

What wasn’t the sweetest thing was watching two giraffes almost make more little baby giraffes!
Of course Evan didn’t realize what was happening but I was relieved when the big, tall giraffe walked away from his lady giraffe.

Wednesday 3/23/16 – I can’t believe my angel is 8 months old today!

"I love my mommies!"

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