Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday 3/10/16 – Week 33: Lights Out

Evan, comin' at ya!

Just as Evan and I get out of the elevator after our walk with Frankie, the power goes out! 
In the whole building and neighborhood!
Thank god this didn’t happen while we were IN THE DAMN ELEVATOR!!!!

I like a challenge.
Well, here it was: Get Angel to sleep with no power.

I had just enough light to give Evan a bath.
Of course, I couldn’t use our bottle machine because there was no power!  Thank god we had pre-made formula for him!

I was about to give him his bottle and realized there was now no white noise machine for him to fall asleep to.
Ok, ok…. I got this.

I have a white noise app on my phone!
I selected OCEAN and pressed play.

Angel boy didn’t realize anything was different and he fell asleep in my arms.
I laid him in his crib and left the room, with my phone on his side table still playing ocean noises.
I closed the door.  
Then realized the monitor doesn’t work because the camera has no electricity!

So no baby monitor…
Ok, ok…people didn’t have baby monitors back in the dark ages!  I will be fine and so will he!
Well that lasted all of two minutes because I love checking in on him whenever I want.

At this moment, people from our building started congregating in the courtyard.
Which is right outside Evan’s window!
Are we moving yet?!

“Oh my god, the power is out!” I heard them all say.
“Yeah, no shit!  Try having a baby and dealing with no power!  Oh, and shut the f&%$ up because he’s trying to sleep!”

I wanted to see how he was so I snuck into his dark room and sat behind the chair holding my phone that was still playing ocean noises.

Can the lights please come on so I can eat dinner?!
After about an hour, the lights did come back on, thank god, and order was restored!

Saturday 3/12/16 – I put Evan to bed tonight and looked at him asleep in his crib.
I started crying. 

Tomorrow is my birthday.
For my birthday for years and years, all I’ve ever wanted was a baby.
Last year, I remember being pregnant and thinking that for my next birthday we will have an 8 month old!

And now he’s here.
Our boy.  Our sweet angel.

I did it.
I birthed him and made it through breast feeding challenges and he's healthy and happy and so sweet. And I love him so much. More than words.

I can’t believe he made my dreams come true.

"Who is that handsome guy?"

"Come give me a kiss!"

Sunday 3/13/16 – Happy Birthday to me!

Birthday kisses from Evan!

My how birthdays have changed.
We went to the zoo today!
And of course it was the perfect day and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.
I love my baby boy and my wife and my family.

Monday 3/14/16 – That damn sign language class has paid off!
Evan started to sign for MILK!

Right before bed, he always wants that last bottle so much.  Now he opens and closes his hand and makes little noises like he is telling us what he wants!
So adorable.

Let me just say that now since he is eating more, his diapers are no joke.  Puree poop diapers.  WOW.  Can’t we go back to the formula ones?!

Evan had his 8 month appointment today.

He is 22 pounds, 12 ounces and 29” long!  
He is still in the 95th percentile for height and weight.  Evan is going to be a tall boy!

He was smiling at all of the nurses and the doctor and while we waited in the room to be seen, he tore up all the paper on the table!  He loved the crinkle noise and had so much fun!

Tonight we put him to sleep in his crib and a few hours later, he woke up crying.  Real tears, real hard crying.
We recently read that at this age in their development, babies can have nightmares.  
How cruel is that?!

We think that’s what happened tonight.  
After about a minute, he fell right back asleep.  Poor little angel. 

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