Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday 2/4/16 – Week 28: No Mommy Sick Days

Little bunny says hi!

Ugh how did I get sick. 
Maybe I caught Evan’s cold?

I feel exhausted and can’t really breathe and am not feeling like the best mom here.
I don’t feel as present and I know this will happen periodically.  I just want to feel like myself again.  Mommy needs a time out to recharge!

Today was the last day of Mommy & Me class.  There are technically 3 more sessions, but I figured having done sessions 1 and 2, I was good.  I made a lot of great friends and we will all still stay in touch and have lunches together.

Plus I need to save my money for the nanny, who is definitely making my life easier!

And I want to take Evan to some classes that are more geared towards his development.  
So we will try a few of those soon.

Sunday 2/7/16 – I’m still sick.  This really sucks.  And moms don’t get days off!
Thank god it’s the weekend and Jules has been helping me out.  I’m hoping I feel better soon.

We saw some houses today and are hoping we soon have a buyer for our place. 

We have had a few people come back for second showings, so we are crossing our fingers for an offer (or two or three)!!!

Monday 2/8/16 – We had more showings today and I think one of them was a second showing where someone came back.
Let’s get into escrow baby!

I tried a new approach for Evan’s hatred of food.

When I first heard of people giving their kids rice cereal, I didn’t think it made much sense.  It’s mainly carbs and not exactly a vegetable or fruit.

Well, then it dawned on me.
He first needs to learn how to swallow something other than milk!
Then we can worry about what he is actually ingesting!

The rice cereal went ok and I even got brave and tried some avocado.

As you can see, that didn't go so well!

I also saw... his top tooth is IN!

I couldn’t believe it!
My angel is getting so many teeth!

Tuesday 2/9/16 – Through my Mommy & Me class, I found out about a service that installs, cleans and checks your car seat for you.

We had been taking the car seat in and out of the car so many times from all of our travels and I didn’t feel the base was as secure as it could be.

Somehow, it was 100 degrees today.  Nothing like a February heat wave.
Hello, global warming!
Best part was we had another private showing today so I had to leave and bring Frankie with us!
(Note the sarcasm... I love getting kicked out of my house on the daily.)

The woman checked the car seat and was able to get it even tighter than I had it.  Now angel is all safe and I’m not touching that thing again!

For lunch, Evan tried bananas today. 
At first, I thought there was a breakthrough, and then he clearly hated them.
Mommy will keep trying.

Evan has been finding his tongue!  He’s so cute when he sticks it out and touches it and must be thinking, “Wow, what’s this!”

Speaking of his mouth, he also realized that he can GRIND HIS TEETH.
Omg I just got chills typing that.

My tactic is not to react so he doesn’t think it’s a game and continues doing it.
But man does it send shivers down my spine!

Wednesday 2/10/16 – Tried a different brand of baby cereal/oatmeal today and Evan seemed to like it!

He is learning to swallow food from a spoon!

One small step for Mom… one giant leap for mankind!

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