Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday 2/25/16 – Week 31: Evan Claps

We had our second Gymboree class today and there were more people there.  
A few moms asked me how old Evan was and then couldn’t believe he was so big!  
And everyone was shocked by how much hair he has!

He’s the youngest in the class (which is for 6-10 month olds) and almost all other babies can crawl.  I know once he learns that, it will be even more fun for him to move along the ramps and slides.  

They change their entire room set up every 2 weeks with new slides, ramps and mats.  That way no one gets bored!

But let’s be real, I’m in no hurry for Evan to crawl.  Especially with us hopefully moving soon.  Let’s just baby proof the next place, not this one!

I know some parents really obsess over these milestones, but I’m taking (at least) this one in stride.  

Then he did this...

Take your time, Evan!

Tonight we tried peas for dinner.  We were unsuccessful…

Sunday 2/28/16 – The three of us went out to lunch today and there were two women at the table next to us who fell in love with Evan.

They asked his name and said "Evan Charles" sounds so royal!
You know it!

And just like that, he POSED!

This boy is hilarious!

When he's hanging out on his tummy time mat, Evan now is interested in the animals on the actual mat!

He really couldn't care less before, but now he's becoming more interested in so many different things.  Especially detailed things, like this mat and buttons and zippers.

Wednesday 3/2/16 – Today was a huge day…
We were all hanging out in Evan's room and Julia and I started clapping. 
He looked at me and saw me clapping.

Then he looked at my hands... 
and he put his hands together and CLAPPED!

Clap, Clap, Clap

Say CHEESE, clapping boy!

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