Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday 2/18/16 – Week 30: Sign This!

My tiny dancer

Evan and I went to his first Gymboree class today.
I wanted to try out a new class and this one isn’t far from our house and has free valet parking… BONUS!
Plus, let’s be real, I had a gift certificate for free classes from the Ellen Mother's Day Show!

Despite their logo being a creepy clown…

…Evan had a great time!

He really liked the teacher who sang songs and played a tambourine.  The other parents were nice and there was even some unstructured play time where we could try out their ramps and slides and interact with the other babies.

It didn’t feel like a non-stop class for me, and I appreciated that!
Some of these baby classes are GO GO GO and by the end, I’m sweating and need a damn drink!

Evan slept in the car on the way home and I transferred him to his crib to continue his nap.
This worked well… until the fire alarm went off.
We gotta move STAT!

Friday 2/19/16 – Evan is still saying “Bababa” and sometimes he even throws in a “Mama”!
We took a sign language class today because I thought it would be good to learn a few basic signs so that Evan and I could communicate with each other.

We learned signs for:

And others, but these are the ones I might be able to remember and try to teach him!

The class was going well until the kid next to us (who was older and crawling all around) kept coming up to Evan and putting his fingers in Evan's mouth!

WTF is wrong with these kids... and by kids, I mean what's wrong with their PARENTS?!!

Evan has TEETH and he’s not afraid to use them!

"Say what?!"

"Let me at 'em!"

Sunday 2/21/16 – Tonight was mommies night out!
We went out to dinner and had a babysitter come over.  She put Evan to bed and it dawned on me... No one had done that before!

So after I wiped the tears from my eyes and ordered a drink, we had a great time!

The great thing about this age and our angel boy is that once he gets put to bed, he sleeps!  

Rockstar hair!

So the babysitter is really there just in case of an emergency.  Pretty nice gig!

Tuesday 2/23/16 – Somehow Evan is 7 months old today!

"I make polos look so good!"

This kid really is amazing.  Such a happy boy!

I do not like to cook.  There, I said it.
But I bought a cookbook for baby food and wanted to attempt to make some food for Evan.


I steamed and mashed some apples, bananas and peas and it was easier than I thought!
Another Mommy WIN!

Wednesday 2/24/16 – Speaking of food that I MADE, Evan had some apples today and he eventually liked them!

Apples and carrots for ol' blue eyes

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