Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday 2/11/16 – Week 29: Pears For The Win!

Philly LOVE!

It’s 5:00am and Evan is awake and crying.

He’s holding his mouth.
Poor angel has more teeth coming and they are painful.

I went in and gave him the teething drops and 4 ounces since it was close enough to his wake up time.  I tried to get him to fall back asleep.

I turned off the light and held him upright in my arms over my shoulder.  I hummed him a song and patted his back and touched his hair.

He fell asleep.

This was so worth getting up early for.  One day, he will be too big to do this.
I’m treasuring it now.

Friday 2/12/16 – We tried pears today…
And he liked them!

Pears for the win!
He’s been talking up a storm.  Everything is “BABABABA”.  It’s adorable!

We went out to a thai restaurant and Evan had a great time!
I can't wait to take him to all different types of restaurants so he can try new things.

Sunday 2/14/16 – Happy Valentine’s Day to my little angel boy!

In the morning when Julia goes in to give Evan his first bottle, I like to watch them on the monitor.

As soon as she opens the door she says, “Good morning!” and Evan starts kicking and making screeching noises because he’s so excited!

I love watching them.  He loves her so much.

Monday 2/15/16 – Lunch today was bananas and some raspberries.
It seemed good at first, but then he wasn’t really into either!

I will keep trying!  He’s not gonna get me down!

Tuesday 2/16/16 – Carrots were on the menu today.
Evan wasn’t feeling them…

"I will eat the spoon instead!"

But he was enjoying his Zoli cup!
He's taught himself how to suck through a straw!

Wednesday 2/17/16 – This afternoon, I brought Evan into our room and laid him on the bed.  His eyes got big and he looked around, so excited to be in a new place.

I moved my hand over the lamp and started making shadow puppets on the ceiling.
He was laughing and laughing!
Then I was laughing!

It was so much fun just hanging out with him. 
I was laying there thinking about how awesome he is.  My little angel boy and I making shadow puppets.  Laughing and laughing.
I love this kid!

We tried carrots again today and he seemed to like them!
For the first time, he didn’t gag while eating!
Mommy win!

I recommend all new moms go get their hair done!
It makes you feel AMAZING!!!!!

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