Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday 1/7/16 – Week 24: Que Pasa, Evan?!

Coolest cat I know

Tonight is the night.

We are going to MEXICO!
Evan’s first international trip!

It is going to be a whirlwind because we are leaving on a red eye tonight and coming back on Sunday. 
But we are so happy we can go because two of our greatest friends are getting married.  It will be a special weekend for sure.

And thank god we have traveled before!
Like a week ago!
So it is all fresh in our minds and this time we won’t be traveling with our dog.  Just Mommy, Mama and Evan, so this should be a piece of cake!

The packing begins...

And since we are being extra extra careful, we are bringing all pre-made formula for the entire weekend.  We don't want to have to bring powder and rely on bottled water, so figuring this out was another math problem.

How many ounces per day means how many bottles plus how many nipples...

A minor wrench has been thrown into our trip.

Julia is sick.
Like bronchitis sick.
She’s no longer contagious, but just to be safe she doesn’t want to touch Evan.

Which means I’ve entered single mom territory… and it is ROUGH.

Evan is a very good boy but to do everything by yourself is challenging.   Sometimes you just need a break.  I really don’t know how single parents do it.  They are truly amazing.

For this trip, we looked into a valet service near the airport that turned out to be a lifesaver.  We pulled up to the valet company, one of their employees got into our car, I drove us to the terminal, we got everything out and he took our car back to their lot.  Best part will be when we land back in LA, they will come pick us up in our own car!  No shuttles and no taxis!

We thought a red eye would be the best use of our time, so we have all day Friday in Mexico.

We got to the airport early to enjoy the lounge.

Evan enjoyed looking at his passport.

And eating it.

Suddenly this red eye decision starting to dawn on me… this might have been a mistake.

We didn’t start boarding until after 10:30pm.
Evan is usually asleep at 7:00pm.

He fell asleep on the way to the airport but once we had to go through security, he was wide awake.
He was still awake at boarding time.

We splurged and got business class for the ride there.  We hoped having some extra room would be best for us and might let us get a little sleep along with Evan.

I was already nervous that Evan’s night time sleep was interrupted.

“Please let him sleep through the flight,” I thought.

Well, he did.
Until he didn’t.

We fed him during take off and then they dimmed the lights.
He fell asleep!

Well, not so fast.

Halfway through the flight, he woke up screaming.  I already felt bad because he couldn’t stretch out like he normally does in his crib while he sleeps.  I really really hate messing with his sleep!

Especially after I learned that babies actually GROW in their sleep!

I know it was just one trip, but it is so important for him to get good sleep, especially at night.

I took him to the bathroom to see if he needed a diaper change.
Nope, he was fine.
But he was still crying.

This is when the mistake dawned on me.

A red eye flight is fine when you are traveling with adults.

If you end up getting only a little bit of sleep, who cares?! You’re an adult! Just drink some extra coffee the next day!

But when you take a red eye with a baby who doesn’t sleep LIKE A BABY the entire flight, the baby is awake AND SO ARE YOU!

So no one gets sleep!

This was a TERRIBLE IDEA!!!!

So we gave him some more food and he finally fell back asleep again.

He stayed asleep this time for the rest of the flight and was even asleep when we landed.  I very gently carried him out of the plane and onto the ramp where we waited for our car seat and stroller to be unloaded.

They finally came out and I VERY GENTLY laid him in the car seat.
He moved around a little but STAYED ASLEEP!
Huge win for mommies!

And thank god he stayed asleep because we now had to wait in the long line to get through customs and be officially allowed into Mexico!

We were in line for over 30 minutes and finally we got to the front.  Our passports were stamped (Evan’s first stamp!) and we went outside to find our shuttle bus.

It was about 7am and already the humidity was so high that I was sweating.

The shuttle ride to the hotel was just over an hour and Evan stayed asleep the entire time!

I was feeling better about his night time sleep.  He was making up for it by sleeping now.  And it worked out perfectly because if he had been awake and crying during the customs line or on the shuttle, it would have been a nightmare!

Friday 1/8/16 – We arrived at the hotel and were escorted to our room.
It was awesome!

Somehow we ended up with a room that had an upstairs rooftop terrace with an ocean view!  We were so tired, but I had to explore.

It was gorgeous!

We set up Evan’s travel crib and tried to transfer him from the car seat to the crib while he was sleeping.

He had been in the car seat for a while now and we didn’t want him to nap in there too much longer.
We knew that if he woke up, this would be it and we could kiss our nap time goodbye.

Transfer…. Unsuccessful.

He woke up in the crib and it was then time to start our day.

We ordered some room service and I needed a drink!

While in Mexico at our all-inclusive resort, I enjoyed Bacardi and Cokes… and lots of coffee!

We hung out in the room for most of the day and Evan especially loved hanging out on the terrace.

Finally in the afternoon we ventured out to explore the resort.
Evan seemed to be having a good time.

Saturday 1/9/16 – Wedding time!

 “Yeah, my colla’s popped!”

Evan looked amazing in his wedding outfit, and his moms didn’t look too bad either!

The wedding was on the beach and it was gorgeous.  It warm, but there was an ocean breeze that cooled everyone down!

Models with their hair blowing in the wind!

Evan was a little fussy during the ceremony, and we realized it was his nap time.  We fed him a bottle and laid him in his stroller.

He passed out!
It was fabulous!

We got to eat dinner, chat with people and have some more Bacardis!
We couldn’t believe he was sleeping for so long. 

Then it dawned on me. 
The white noise that he falls asleep to at home is ocean waves!  
So this put him right to sleep.  How perfect!

When he had been asleep for over 3 hours, we knew we had to wake him up.  In general we don’t like him to sleep more than that because it could jeopardize his night time sleep.

We slowly woke him up and he was happy as a clam!

After a diaper change and another bottle, Evan was feeling good! 
It was time to dance!

And just like that, the perfect song came on.

I picked up my little angel and led him to the dance floor.  I started dancing with Evan and naturally the crowd parted and everyone was smiling at him and clapping.

And he LOVED IT!

He started looking up at the lights and smiling and watching everyone clap and dance around him.  I sang to him and held his hand and we danced and danced.


It was such a magical moment.

Since this was a short trip, we tried to keep Evan on the same sleep schedule.  The nice thing was that when it was time for bed at 7pm PST, it was 10pm EST!

So we had a great time partying and dancing the night away at the wedding before it was time for bed.

Around 10pm, we did our bedtime routine and laid Evan down to sleep.  Complete with the ocean waves app on our phones.

At this point, Julia had just started feeling better, thank God!

We fell asleep and I mentally prepared for the long day ahead as we venture back to the airport and eventually find our way home.

Suddenly, I woke up to Evan crying.

What time is it?

Did I over sleep?

Is it the morning?


You can imagine my face when I realized it was 12:30am.

Oh god.

The walls in this hotel were pretty thin and I knew the family next door (via an ADJOINING DOOR) had kids (because they cried all morning yesterday).

I knew if I didn’t pick Evan up and soothe him back to sleep, he would wake up the other kids and then none of us would get any sleep!

I picked him up and rocked him and got him to fall back asleep.


He woke up crying again.

Our general cry it out method wasn’t going to work here.

This went on for HOURS.

I turned to Jules at one point and remembered……..

I was on my own again.
It was going to be a long night.

Sunday 1/10/16 – Finally it was the morning and Miss Nyquil was feeling better and less drugged.

I think I got a total of 3 hours of sleep last night.
We ordered room service and started getting ready to leave.
It was another hot day.

We got on our airport shuttle and Evan fell asleep.

He slept the whole way to the airport and only woke up when we had to go through security.

The flight went well and since it was Evan’s 4th one, I figured we were kind of getting the hang of this.  We had a travel pillow that I laid on my lap and Evan rested his head on that.  We entertained him with every toy we brought and he even took a nap at one point.

I could have done without the poopy diaper change in the middle of turbulence, but all in all it was a good flight.

Landing in LA and being able to have our own car come to the curb to pick us up was like heaven!

We got home and could even put Evan to bed at his normal time.

This was quite a weekend.  A whirlwind international trip for sure.

But we are so glad we were able to be at our friends’ wedding.  It meant so much to them and they mean so much to us.

50+ hours for an international travel trip with a baby + your wife being sick doesn’t equate to the best odds.  But we did it.  And we are so glad we did.

Tuesday 1/12/16 – Today was NANNY DAY!
The woman whom we had interviewed and was recommended to me by another mom in my Mommy & Me Class was starting with us today.  She will be here for 10 hours a week to give me a chance to get other things done like go to the grocery store, schedule doctor’s appointments, stay sane, etc.

She is very sweet with Evan and immediately commented again on how big he is.
“He looks like he’s one year old!”

Oh boy!
I know he’s big, but let’s not get carried awa-----
Then she picked him up and he was almost half her size!  It was hilarious!

I showed her a ton of things and then it was time for him to eat.
She gave him his bottle and then changed his diaper.

And it hit me.
Only Julia and I have done that!  No one else!
Of course Evan didn’t mind at all.  As long as he’s fed, he’s happy.  He doesn’t care who is giving him the food!

I know this will be a good thing for me and also help Evan to get used to someone else and ease any possible separation anxiety in the future.

But he’s my little boy! 

Ok, I realized, this was going to be tough.

I had to run an errand and knew if I left them here to play, everything would be fine.
After all, I was going to CVS right down the street.  I would be back within half an hour.

I took a deep breath.
A very deep breath.
And I left.

I’m not used to driving in the car without my boy.  It’s so strange looking in the mirror and not seeing his car seat.
I got what I needed and came home.

I quietly walked through the hallway and approached our door.
I anticipated that cute scene from a movie where the mom is listening outside the door and hears the nanny and baby playing inside.  Baby laughing and all.

Except, I didn’t hear anything.
It was quiet.


RATIONAL MIND: They are probably just in the next room and that’s why I can’t hear them.


RATIONAL MIND: Everything is perfectly fine.

I opened the door and they weren’t in the living room.

I walked toward the nursery… and then I heard them.
I opened the door and she was reading a book to Evan, in Spanish!

All was well!

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