Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday 1/28/16 – Week 27: Evan Eats!


In Mommy & Me Class today, the topic was BOOKS!

And thank god because I needed some new ideas of things to read to Evan.  
An Amazon purchase is coming up!

I went out to lunch with the moms after class and it is always so nice to be out with all of these babies.  Especially with the other moms.  You know that if all hell breaks loose and your baby cries its head off or needs a new change of clothes, these ladies have your back.

Saturday 1/30/16 – Today is the day.

Evan EATS!

For his first food ever, I wanted him to have something that I made. 
And organic.  Of course!

I asked another mom about her sweet potato recipe and it sounded pretty easy.  Especially for this non-chef mommy.

I roasted the sweet potato in the oven for almost an hour so it was nice and soft.  We chose sweet potato for his first food because it seemed like a good choice that was soft and sweet.

Knowing that Evan LOVES his bottles, I figured he would also love to eat food.  I mean this kid just loves being fed and I assumed this would be no different.

Oh, how wrong I was.

He. Hated. It.
Like, really hated it.

“Here is an organic sweet potato that mommy roasted for an hour for you.”
Oh, he wanted no part of it.

The fact that we ended up with that amazing photo montage made it worth it.  He is pretty hilarious!  
When he doesn’t like something, he clearly lets you know!

I know this can take time.  I just really expected him to love food!
We will keep trying!

Sunday 1/31/16 – Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Evan's HAIRCUT?????????????


Our condo is for sale!

We had our first open house today!  It was pretty exciting and we are hoping we get offers soon so we don’t have to have too many open houses.  Because an open house means we have to clean the entire place and put a lot of things away so it looks like someone lives here, but not really!

And the best part is, we then have to LEAVE with Evan and our dog Frankie and go somewhere for 3+ hours!

Oh, and today it decides to RAIN.
Come on, Southern California!  Come on!

We made the most of it, which I’m trying to teach Evan.  
“It’s adventure time!”

We drove around and visited some open houses of some places we had seen online.  Because of the rain, that meant one parent stayed in the car with Evan and Frankie and the other one ran inside the house to see if it’s worth it to have the other parent go inside!

We didn’t find any that we loved, but this killed some time and allowed us to explore new neighborhoods.

For lunch, we would have eaten outside somewhere because of Frankie but it was now raining!  So Julia ran inside and picked up sandwiches and we all ate in the car.  

Evan did great!  He stayed in his car seat while we ate and he played with his toys and listened to the rain.  This kid is a trooper!

As we drove toward the final house we wanted to see, we heard thunder.
"Oh, I love thunder----"

Wait…. That was EVAN!
Oh boy!
Time for a down and dirty diaper change in the back of the car under a tree to help shield us from the rain!
We all survived!

Despite the rain, our open house went well and we had a good turn out.  Fingers crossed!

After his bath, we put Evan to bed and he had trouble staying asleep.  He was tossing and turning and I’m afraid he’s getting a cold.

He is also in a developmental surge because he is moving in the crib while he sleeps and it looks like he is wanting to crawl!  He is laying on his belly with his hands tucked under and his butt in the air and then he sways back and forth like he wants to move.

He started doing that too when I burp him after his bottle.  He is in an upright position and he moves up and down and it looks like he’s humping me!

Hahahaha it’s hilarious.  This boy can’t be held down!  He wants to move all the time!

"Hi moms!"

"I love my...."


Monday 2/1/16 – Already one day after the open house and the private showings have begun.

Now we are getting these requests where people want to view our condo and not wait for another open house.  So that means we are constantly cleaning and putting Evan’s toys away and then bringing them back out.

Oh, and then we are constantly vacating!  We all went and hung out downstairs in the gym today.
At one point Evan opened his mouth and leaned back and I could see his top tooth coming in!  Oh my god this boy is getting more teeth already!

And I think he’s definitely getting a cold.  He sounds congested and at times it sounds like he is wheezing a little.  I’m going to call the doctor in the morning.

Today in the spirit of trying to get this boy to eat some solid food, we tried avocado.
And he seemed to like it!
That’s my California babe!

Tuesday 2/2/16 – When Evan woke up this morning, he was definitely wheezing.  Otherwise, he seemed perfectly fine but I could hear little wheezes when he exhaled.  I called the doctor and we have an appointment at 1:15pm.

But before that, we have to all be out of the house at 11:00am because there is another open house today!  Oh my lord.
Thank god Julia could take Frankie to work for a few hours.

Evan and I walked around the mall to kill time before the doctor.  He fell asleep in his car seat and we went up and down the hallways.

I was hoping to grab something to eat, but news flash, the Beverly Center doesn’t have a food court anymore!  WTF! 
And sadder still, this Bloomingdales doesn’t have a wine bar inside!
What is a mommy to do?!

The doctor was great and so sweet with Evan.  They listened to his chest and confirmed that he’s wheezing.  Glad I brought him in.

They gave him two nebulizer treatments with steroids to help open his lungs.  My poor angel. 
Luckily, I knew what nebulizer treatments were because my best friend growing up had asthma so she had to do them from time to time. 

He had a little mask on with a small container that had the medicine.  The long tube went to the machine turned that liquid medicine into a vapor so he could breathe it in.

With the mask on, he looked like a baby Darth Vader.  My baby.  He was so brave.  The machine was really loud and the nurse said it scares a lot of babies.  Evan wasn’t phased by it.  I was so proud of him.

He didn’t like the mask being tied around the back of his neck, but I tried to make a game out of it so he would tolerate it as long as possible.  The second treatment was easier and I just held the mask up to his face and he breathed it in.  I feel like no matter what we throw at this kid he takes it in stride.  He’s amazing.

We got a prescription for a take home inhaler.  My angel boy.  His information had never been entered into the pharmacy before!  His first presciption.  I love him so much.  Luckily he seems perfectly normal besides the slight wheezing.  No fever and still tons of energy.  It just breaks my heart to see him sick.

Wednesday 2/3/16 – Evan is definitely getting better.  We did the inhaler three times today and he likes the inhaler mask!  I show it to him and he gets all excited and wants to hold it to his face.  Ok, here you go! Puff, puff!

He tried kissing me again tonight during his upright time after the last bottle.  I love that open mouth on my cheek.  He reaches out and brings me in and plants one on me!  So adorable.

And there was more of the upright crawling/humping again tonight!  He wants to move 24/7!

Nice kitty!

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