Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday 1/14/16 – Week 25: “Gyeah!”

Evan and I had another great Mommy & Me class today.  We went to lunch afterwards and he fell asleep on the walk there.

He slept all through lunch and I think that’s because he woke up at 4:00am today!
I gave him a bottle this morning at 4:45am and he fell back asleep from 5:30-7:30am.

Evan woke up at the end of lunch and was a happy boy.
Mommy had some wine and great food, so I was a happy girl!

I went home to walk the dog and then joined one of the moms for a hike in her neighborhood.  We wore the babies in our baby carriers and all was well until a car stopped us and said they saw a coyote up ahead!
Sometimes I forget where we live and don’t realize these dangers are out there!

Back home, Julia still hasn’t been able to kick this cold/virus, so she went to the doctor.  It was then confirmed that she has bronchitis for real and she started antibiotics.  So happy she went to the doctor.  She just wasn’t getting better, so it was time for some drugs! 
I’m looking forward to having my girl back!

Evan was a rockstar today.  I think he will hopefully sleep well tonight.  He had a fun filled day with some new experiences and usually that helps tire him out.

 Happy (and hopefully sleepy) bath boy!

These long locks are ready for bed!

Evan, I am so proud to be your mommy. 
I'm so thankful that the universe chose me for you. I'm so lucky and forever grateful.

Friday 1/15/16 – Well so much for Evan sleeping well tonight!
3:20am – he woke up crying.

At first I thought the noise was my muscles screaming out in pain from the crazy hike I did yesterday through the Hollywood hills.
It definitely was my muscles… and it was Evan.

I watched him on the monitor and he kept grabbing his mouth.
He also seemed to have a different type of cry.

Was he teething?!
So soon?!!!

I waited almost 20 minutes and then went in and gave him some teething drops.  Then I gave him a bottle with only two ounces to get him to fall back asleep.

After a little bit, he did fall asleep.  I laid him down and he cried, but I knew the medicine would start working soon.

He kept grabbing his mouth.  It just breaks my heart because there’s only so much I can do for him.
My poor little angel.

This afternoon the nanny came to watch Evan for a few hours.
He loved playing with his new fish toy from his Uncle John!

While he was playing, I went and got my nails done!  I haven’t done that since before I was pregnant!

I ran a few errands and went back home.  It felt really nice to miss him.  I walked in the front door and he was so happy to see me! 

Saturday 1/16/16 – Evan loves the letter G!
Everything he tries to say starts with G.
There is a lot of “Gyeah!”

"Gyeah, I'm a rockstar!"

Wednesday 1/20/16 – This morning Evan woke up at 4:30am.
I went in and gave him the teething drops and two more ounces of formula.

Poor angel kept holding his mouth and he had tons of drool on his crib sheet.
And then there were the tears.
So many tears.

After I gave him the medicine and the bottle, he fell asleep in my arms.  I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I can make him feel better.

I looked down at his angel face while I was rocking him to sleep.  I remembered those early mornings when I was breastfeeding and he was hungry and I couldn’t satisfy him.

Now I can. My boy. I love you so much.

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