Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday 9/24/15 - Week 9: The Witching Hour

Friday 9/25/15 – Tonight we were feeling bold and made a reservation for dinner.  Since Evan has his shots, we thought it would be a great time to celebrate!

On our way to the restaurant, Evan started getting fussy.  Julia got in the back seat to be with him and give him a pacifier.

No dice.

He was pretty unhappy and we knew we couldn’t sit in a restaurant with him like this.

Reservation canceled.

We knew of another place we could go that had a large outdoor patio.  It was really warm outside and we hoped it wouldn’t be too busy.


We got a table and parked the stroller next to us.  

I rocked it back and forth and BAM he fell asleep.

So, Mommy ordered this!

Saturday 9/26/15 – Today we went to our friend’s house warming party.  It was our first party with Evan!  I wore him in a carrier on my chest.  He tolerated that for about half of the house tour.  Then we gave him a bottle and put him back in the carrier.  He fell asleep!

I could eat some food and have a drink!

Then he woke up and it was clearly time to leave.  Well, at least we made it there! I know the more we take him out in the world, the more we will all get used to it.  Baby steps.

Evan and Frankie!

Sunday 9/27/15 – We learned a valuable lesson from our friend today.  When it comes to diaper sizes, if Size 1 is from 8-14 pounds, don’t wait until your baby is 14 pounds to switch to the next size.  

Evan is now 12 pounds and started going through his diapers when he went to the bathroom.

Exhibit A:

"Why do you put me in these JETS onesies?????"

"Much better, Mom!"

So we switched to Size 2 (which starts at 12 pounds) and are having to do a lot less laundry! Yay!

Wednesday 9/30/15 – The witching hour has begun.  
Around this age and possibly lasting until 3-4 months (God help us), babies experience the witching hour from sometime around 6 to 10pm.  Evan starts getting fussy and is hungry but then doesn’t take the bottle without putting up a fight.  He’s over stimulated and overtired and has to be reminded that sleeping is FUN!

Adorable pajama boy

Let's hope this doesn't last until 4 months!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday 9/17/15 – Week 8: Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots!

Dinosaur pants!

Evan's version of Donald Trump hair.

Monday 9/21/15 – Since Evan was two weeks old, we have been practicing “tummy time”.  This involves him laying on his stomach on a mat so he can strengthen his neck muscles and his core.  He tries to lift his head up, but damn that thing is heavy!

Story time with Mama!

Tuesday 9/22/15 - Today was Evan’s two month appointment with the doctor, and we knew it would involve shots. And I had to take him there by myself because Julia was working. I enjoyed the challenge of going out in the world with my little boy. Just the two of us.

He was so good in the car and we talked the whole way there. I told him about the doctor’s visit and what to expect and that I will always be there for him.

Well, the car ride to the doctor was a success. No crying!

We got there and he was weighed and examined.
He weighs 12 pounds today!!!!!!!
This made me so happy.

And he grew more and is now as long as two subway sandwiches as my wife says! 
24" long.

“Any, any, any, Evan!”

The doctor mentioned a few things to expect when Evan is four months old:
He will start tracking you as you walk around the room – Evan already does it.
He will start smiling and cooing on all days instead of just some days – Evan already does it.
He will start making more noises like shrieks, etc – Evan already does it.
Our boy is a genius!

Then it was time for shots.

As soon as the first one went in, he started screaming bloody murder.  They had said to bring him hungry to the appointment so as soon as the nurse was finished (about 20 seconds later) I gave him a bottle.  He forgot all about the pain!  He was so happy and felt fine.

We gave him children’s Tylenol at the office in case he reacted with a fever, but he was great the rest of the day.

And now this boy is protected against some nasty diseases and we can GO OUT IN THE WORLD AND NOT WORRY!  I’m so excited.

I love him so much. He's so strong like his mommy! He fell asleep in the car on the way home and mommy got to go to the Starbucks drive thru! Thank you, Evan!!!
I'm so proud of this boy.

I noticed Evan holds his fingers with his thumb underneath his index finger a lot.  This is his default hand position. I wonder if he was like that in utero...
He's so adorable.

Wednesday 9/23/15 – Evan is two months old today!
I feel like each day goes by so fast.  I wake up and suddenly the next thing I know, Julia is home from work.  Sometimes I have no idea what I do all day.  Here is an example of a day in the life of Mommy and Evan.

5:00am – Evan’s awake. He went 6 hours 10 minutes in between feedings.  Yay!
I get his bottle ready, change his diaper and it’s feeding time.  Then I rock him back to sleep and put him in the bassinet in our room.

6:00am – I run the dishwasher and start breast pumping in the living room.

6:40am – I go back to sleep.

8:30am – The alarm goes off for both of us. Evan is fussing. I get ready quickly while Jules entertains him.  Basically this means I throw on some clothes, brush my teeth, wash my face, lather on some mascara, and throw my hair in a ponytail.

8:45am – I change Evan’s diaper and put on an adorable onesie.  Then it’s time for another bottle.

9:50am - Julia leaves for work.

10:10am – Evan is in his rock n play hanging out so I can eat cereal and have a little coffee.

11:00am – Time for a diaper change and more coffee for mommy. Evan and I read two books together.

11:50am – I give him a bottle of breast milk and we take a little photo session!

 "I'm two months old today, fools!"

Fist pump!

Then he goes back to sleep.

1:10pm – I heated up some leftovers for lunch. I put Evan on the sofa on his boppy pillow and tried eating with him next to me. Well that didn't work! He started crying.  I abandon my lunch and take Evan to our exercise ball where I bounce up and down to calm him.  This is always our go to soothing device for him.  He loves it!

1:30pm – I breast feed Evan and sometimes he will get sleepy and fall asleep on my chest and we can both take a mini nap in the glider. But not today!  I always think, I will either get a little nap or that will be my sign to make some more coffee.  Coffee it is!

We do another diaper change and some more tummy time.  I took some videos of our boy because suddenly he started lifting his head up really high!  He’s amazing.

"Look at me, Mom!"

2:45pm – Is it coffee time for mommy and maybe some TV? Nope. He got fussy so we went on the ball again. He fell asleep.

3:30pm – Evan is asleep in my arms and I was watching some TV. Then I thought, “If he's asleep, why am I awake?!”  We took a little nap for almost an hour.

I love my sleeping pirate boy so much

4:30pm – I gave him a bottle of breast milk and changed his diaper. Then it was time for an outfit change because the diaper didn’t quite hold everything! Oh my!

5:50pm – I finally got that cup of coffee.

6:00pm – Jules is home! She runs the dishwasher.

7:20pm – Julia gives Evan a bottle and I did some things around house. That makes me feel accomplished and I even made dinner for us!

9:15pm – Another bottle for Evan, then it’s bath time.  After that, we give him a “topper” which is another bottle to take him through the night (hopefully!). I take a quick shower and get ready for bed.

12:00am – Somehow it’s midnight and we are finally getting to bed. Fingers crossed he sleeps a while.

6:30am - Oh my 7.5 hours between feedings. I'm in shock. Thanks, Evan! I think I got 6 hours of sleep all at once! That's like some normal adults! Doing a bath every night followed by either a topper of two ounces or a full four ounce bottle really helps keep him full and asleep.

And he looks so cute after his bath with his curly hair!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday 9/10/15 – Week 7: Touchdown!

"Listen up! I'm 7 weeks old, fools!"

Friday 9/11/15 - Last night, Evan ate at 10pm and didn't need food again until 5:15am.

Over seven hours?!?!

We got over five hours of solid sleep after that 10pm feeding was over. Amazing.
Now if only we could get past this heatwave and leave the house.

"It's how hot out??"

Sunday 9/13/15 - Today was the first Sunday for football.
Evan was very excited to help support his Mama’s team, the Jets.  He must have been their good luck charm cause they actually won a game. 

"But I'll always be an Eagles fan at heart!"

Even when they lose...

Monday 9/14/15 – This is my first full week of being a stay at home mom… ALONE!  It is so nice having my wife here with me.  An extra pair of hands is invaluable and when you are alone you just have to figure it out.

So far we are doing ok!

There is a lot of cooing and smiling. Evan is trying to have a conversation with you and he says Ohhhh and Ooooh and it’s just so adorable.

And when I get even 20 extra minutes of sleep or somehow manage to get the dishes done, I feel so accomplished. I look at my son and think about my life now and feel like I can do anything. Sleep makes such a difference in the day!

I've heard about the awful four month sleep regression where babies suddenly don't sleep well anymore.
And all I can think is...
So before that happens you DO get sleep! Great!!!!

Julia found something online by accident and it has turned out to be a game changer.

It’s basically the same idea as a Keurig coffee machine, but for formula!  We just select the number of ounces and hit start and the machine figures out exactly how much water and how much formula to dispense into the bottle WITHOUT AIR BUBBLES.

Pure genius.

Tuesday 9/15/15 - Last night was too cute for words. Julia was changing Evan’s diaper and I went into the nursery. He saw me and started smiling. Then I said hi to him and he was cooing and talking to me. 

She fed him his bottle and he was watching me walk around his room. He wouldn’t take his eyes off me! And he was smiling and so happy. It really melts my heart. I love him so much. And he loves me!

It's pretty special that we get to spend all day together. Yes I'm exhausted and barely eat breakfast and lunch on some days. But he is so worth it. I look at that face and just love this boy. I would do anything for that smile.

My little fishy after his bath

Thursday, September 3, 2015

9/3/15 – Week 6: The Dreaded Growth Spurt

Today wasn’t quite the piece of cake that yesterday was, but I did get a little sleep in while Evan sort of napped. Then I made a turkey sandwich with one hand for lunch. We started on our walk and Julia came home so we all walked together!

Can't believe our boy is six weeks old today!!!

Friday 9/4/15 - At our 3:00am middle of the night breast feeding session, I held Evan in my arms for some upright time after we were finished. He was awake and looking right into my eyes. I wanted him to get sleepy so we could all go back to bed.

So I started singing.
I sang him his song.

He was so engaged and mesmerized. He kept staring at me and smiling.
Then he would coo. My heart melted.
I kept singing.

Then I had to stop. I was crying too much to sing.
I told him how much I love him. And how long I waited for this moment.

Saturday 9/5/15 – Today we had our baby chiropractor follow up session.  It went well and we had already decided before we walked in that this was our last appointment.

Especially when we were getting ready to leave and the doctor suggested coming back for another 3 sessions.  She wanted to HANG EVAN UPSIDE DOWN to see which way his body turned so we can correct any tension.

Um, NO.

That’s just not happening.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Then, we had our follow up appointment with our lactation consultant.  
This was another appointment that we knew would be the last.  After this meeting, we would figure out what works for us and take it from there.

In the moment when she recommended that I breast feed as much as possible during the day while Julia is at work, I think, “Ok, I can do this!”

But then when I do three breast feeding sessions in a row and my nipples are KILLING ME, I think, “No, I can’t do this and that’s ok.”

While I was feeding him, the lactation lady started saying some underhanded things like, “Look at Evan look at you.  That’s how you want to spend your time.  Not cleaning bottles...”

Excuse me?!
First of all, I’m not cleaning bottles.
GE is.

She also saw a problem with us giving him a 4 ounce bottle of formula after I'm finished breast feeding him.  She thought we were giving him too much and were going to stretch his stomach and he is gaining too much weight too fast.

Last time I checked, that advice is what our DOCTOR told us to do.  I think we'll side with him.

Just as I was starting to have enough and needed her to leave, she was sitting on the floor holding Evan in her lap.

And then it happened…

What looked like a MELTED SNICKERS BAR started coming out the side of Evan’s diaper…. 

He pooped on her.
Runny, breast milk style poop.
All over her pants.

I apologized and when she went to go get paper towels, I whispered to Evan, “THANK YOU!  GOOD BOY!”
Let’s just say she left shortly thereafter!

This weekend we had our fantasy football draft.

Evan and his mama did their homework to find the best players.

Monday 9/7/15 – Ok, the 6 week growth spurt is no joke.
If you google that on any parenting forums, you will find things like “HELP!!!!!”

It includes your baby’s peak fussiness and around the clock hunger with NO sleep.  
This has been quite a labor day weekend… with our labor of love! 

It is supposed to last 3-4 days or maybe a week.  We think it might have started on Friday so hopefully we will be in the clear soon.

"Hmm, you want to sleep moms?  I'll have to get back to you on that."

Wednesday 9/9/15 – I’m in pain from breast feeding last night and then later this morning. So much pain.
I just stand there in the nursery and my boobs start to tingle all over.  
Soon that sensation feels like there are tons of needles all over my boobs.  Like they are filling up with tiny tacks.

After we were finished breast feeding this morning, Evan was laying in his crib and was cooing.  I started cooing back and realized my response was fake.

I was in pain.  So much pain that I couldn't focus my attention on him and was on autopilot. I just responded to him but wasn’t in the moment.

I don't want to feel like this.

My new thought is to pump in the morning and at night and hope to give him that breast milk in a bottle the following day. And do formula the rest of the time.  I’m going to try that and see how I feel.

What’s certainly not helping is the fact that we have been trapped inside the house.  It’s 100 degrees outside and we are in the middle of a heat wave.

So we just take walks around the house!

I want the weather to get cooler so we can take our walks OUTSIDE again.

I’m so looking forward to winter in LA!

Baby model!