Sunday, May 31, 2015

5/31/15 - Waiting To Exhale, Part 3

This morning we had our final labor and delivery class.

There's nothing like waking up early and seeing a birth video at 10am!

At first the video seemed a bit over the top and out dated. I mean I swear my mom wore the same exact glasses in the 80s as the lady in labor.

Well just as I was making fun of the video, that baby came out of her and I started crying. I saw other pregnant moms wiping their eyes and I just couldn't stop the tears!

Birth truly is a miracle. To watch this woman push out that little baby and see another human being born and then immediately placed on her chest, it was all overwhelming. And I couldn't help but think about me being in that same situation. Having Jules by my side and pushing out this little boy and finally getting to see him.

I'm tearing up just writing this!

The rest of the class focused on postpartum and what happens after the baby is born.

Suddenly this was all starting to feel more real. We just finished our final labor class and I'm about 6 weeks from my due date now. It's amazing how quickly this time has gone.

Soon we will meet Baby Blackbird and start a whole new chapter of our life together.

But for now, he's hanging out in here!

And I'm hanging out with this!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

5/30/15 - Baby Shower!

Today we had our baby shower!

We did a co-ed shower catered by Bay Cities amazing sandwiches and dessert from our friend's new company, Bun Control.

(including the famous GODMOTHER sandwich!)

(safari style cupcakes!)

There was tons of alcohol and some awesome activities for our (possibly tipsy) friends to partake in.

We had onesie decorating:

A wishes book where guests could fill out their wishes for the baby:

And a mini photo booth where guests could write a message to Blackbird and send me their photo to assemble in a book while I'm nesting!

The food was amazing, the decor was gorgeous, the music was pumping and our friends truly went above and beyond to make this a special day for us.

This little boy is so lucky.
Not only because he has us as parents ;) but because he is surrounded by so many people here who have become our family.

When your biological family is far away, it's all about the family you choose to surround yourself with. We feel so lucky to have these loving people in our lives.

They are there for us when we need them and can also help teach us things.
Like about penises... cause that will certainly be a learning curve!

Thank you everyone for this special day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5/27/15 - Week 33: Honeydew Melon

Today the baby is the size of...

I really can't believe there are only 7 weeks left...

This week he is even closer to his birth length and is starting to run out of room! There is more of him than there is of the amniotic fluid now so his kicks and punches aren't cushioned as much for me. And trust me this is true!

He still loves his signature move of taking one of his feet and stretching it into my right rib cage, all while stretching the other leg out towards the left. I think he's trying to do a split!

Blackbird is also practicing closing his eyes when it's dark and opening them when he sees light. This will help him realize the difference between day and night and also help his sleep cycles. 
(And we're hoping for many SLEEP cycles!)

His brain is still developing like crazy and his immune system is strengthening as I pass on antibodies to him.

For me... yeah I still need that oxygen tank and scooter. 
But it's my last week of work so I should be able to relax and rest more starting next week!

Monday, May 25, 2015

5/25/15 - Palm Springs Babymoon

We were able to take one final trip before Blackbird is here. We spent the long weekend in Palm Springs.

After arriving late Friday night, we woke up Saturday and had some breakfast in bed. Then it was time to hit the pool in our very own private cabana!

We were happy to be out of the sun and loved hanging out here all day.

We reserved our room under the "Babymoon" package and apparently that includes snacks if you want them.

Yes, yes I did want them!

In the late afternoon it was spa time! I got a prenatal massage, which was so lovely I almost asked to stay in the room and sleep for another half hour. Jules got a hot lava massage involving hot stones (sans lava).

We took a mini walk and then had dinner at the hotel restaurant. I had a feeling Blackbird was still having a growth spurt because I wasn't very hungry. When he's growing, there is less room for my stomach so eating isn't quite as appealing.

After dinner we saw the first episode of Empire in bed (which was amazingly captivating)...

...and then we fell asleep.

Suddenly at 4:30am, someone paid us a visit.

Hey girl! Miss me?!

The Toni Braxton Hicks contractions started and were definitely worse than last time. It started again at the top center of my uterus (so at this point that's in my chest almost in the center of my boobs) and my abdomen would get hard with each contraction. We knew as long as they weren't happening in some type of pattern that we would be ok. However, this time I wasn't able to change positions to get them to stop.

I rolled to my left side (which is normally my favorite) - excruciating pain.
Right side - pain but a little better.
Sitting up - pain.
Walking around - ohmygod pain.

Are there mini epidurals for these Toni Braxtons?!


At about 5:15am, Jules ventured out to get me some water hoping that might help.
Nothing. Was. Helping.

Suddenly it was 6:00am and I was still in pain and had no idea where that hour and a half went.

With these blackout curtains in our room, that hour and a half completely disappeared.
It was like the Vegas of PAIN.

I tried all of my breathing techniques that I learned in our childbirth class to get through the contractions. Even worse they didn't really have a beginning and an end. It was a constant pain at the top of my uterus followed by bouts of really bad pain in my whole belly.

Blackbird was moving around during these probably oblivious to what was going on.

Finally at 6:30am (2 hours later), the pain had subsided enough where I could fall back asleep. Surrounded by pillows, I slept for a few more hours.

I woke to order one hell of a breakfast. I was finally hungry again and had earned this one!
(Plus it was free as part of the "Babymoon" package so it was time to eat up!)

Ok I didn't eat it all but damn I felt like a queen being surrounded by plates of food!

Then it was time to head back to our private cabana.

Only problem was... It wasn't there.
Of the three cabanas, they were all occupied and none had our reserved sign on them.

After a visit to see the manager, we were told there was a mix up and we weren't able to have our cabana today.

Don't people know not to mess with a pregnant chick?!!!!

Obviously, this was unacceptable.
We ended up with a $200 credit and free lunch. They offered us a late check out and cabana reservation for Monday but we just wanted to leave after breakfast so this wasn't helpful.

This was clearly a let down. But we made the most of it, as we do. We sat outside in the shade at the restaurant with a view of the mountains and proceeded to order:

Strawberry lemonade
2 beers
Shrimp tacos
Chicken salad sandwich
Chocolate gelato

It would have been more but we were stuffed to the gills. Trust me, everything tastes better when it's free.

We went back to the room for a few more hours and then ventured to the pool again. By now it was empty and there were plenty of seats. We relaxed and read for a while before dinner.

By Monday morning, we were ready to head out and go back to see our adorable dog and cat.

We got home and worked on the nursery a little more and are so happy it's getting close to ready!

Happy Monday Bump!

Friday, May 22, 2015

5/22/15 - The TDap Rap

Today I got my TDap shot,
Straight in my arm looking hot.
It will protect me and baby Blackbird,
So make sure you get one too, ya heard?!

The TDap vaccine is given towards the end of pregnancy to give me and Blackbird immunities against Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis.  It's a combo vaccine and I couldn't even feel it going in! My arm might be sore later though as you can imagine if you ever got a Tetanus shot before.

Our doctor recommended that anyone who will be spending time with the baby (like a few days in a row) should get the TDap vaccine.  We are asking our family members to get it and any friends coming over for a casual visit won't need it.  We will have plenty of Purell on hand!

We will go back to the doctor in two weeks again for an ultrasound to check our boy's growth. As long as everything looks good, that will be our last ultrasound. Then the next time we see him, he will be out of me!!!  I'll still see the doctor every week starting at 36 weeks and he will start checking my cervix for dilation.

I can't believe we are getting to the end of this incredible journey. Baby Blackbird is so active and loves moving around all the time. It's hard to believe we will see him soon and be able to watch those legs stretch right before our eyes.

Today the doctor measured my belly and I'm tracking right at 32 weeks. Which is crazy because ever since yesterday I feel like he's gotten HUGE!  I feel like he is tracking closer to 50 weeks because I feel like a house!

And sometimes when I sit down, my boobs touch my belly and when I walk up the stairs my legs hit my belly. This boy is taking over!!!

I thought this breakdown of a 30lb weight gain was so fascinating of how the extra weight is distributed.  It doesn't all go to the baby! 

I still can't breathe because my lungs are squished and I know he was growing yesterday because I started feeling the stretching of my round ligaments again.

So basically I need an oxygen tank and a scooter. Is that too much to ask for?!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5/20/15 - Week 32: Lettuce

Today the baby is the size of...

Look who weighs almost four pounds already!

I can't believe we have 8 weeks to go.
2 months left.

This week he's still in the correct position for birth (head down) and that's also because he's starting to run out of room in Hotel Mommy. He is face down because his head weighs the most on his body and he has it tucked in as he starts running out of space.

But I wouldn't know he's running out of room by the way he's able to stretch his whole body around! His new favorite trick is to put his little foot up inside my right rib cage. He starts getting all wild and moves around like crazy and I know it's coming... So I actually have to put my hand on my upper right rib cage to prevent him from getting stuck in there! That's the little game we've been playing!

We are working on our nursery and I can't wait to show you photos when it's all finished!

Monday, May 18, 2015

5/18/15 - Happy Birthday To My Wife

Happy birthday to my wife, my best friend, my baby mama!

I love you so much and you are going to be such an incredible mother.  Baby Blackbird and I are so grateful to have you.

I can't wait to see you hold him and kiss him and love him even more once he's out of my belly.  You're my inspiration and my reason to smile every day.

Trust me, I'm the lucky one.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Waiting To Exhale, Part 2

This morning we had Part 2 of our Labor & Delivery Class!
We talked a lot about epidurals (thank God, because I can't wait to have mine) and also about c-sections (which I'm hoping to avoid at all costs).

I felt better knowing that before they insert a HUGE MOTHER F*&%ING NEEDLE into your spine, they first numb the area.  So I'll get one shot that will feel like a bee sting to my lower back.  That will numb the area and then I just have to hold still while they put in the long needle that has a catheter attached to it.  The catheter will stay in the "epidural space" of my spine and will allow medicine to continuously flow, numbing me from the waist down.

I'm so glad I won't be able to watch this.

And then I'll start feeling fabulous and can try to "enjoy" the rest of labor.  The best thing about an epidural is that the medicine doesn't cross the placenta.  So it doesn't affect the baby at all.

After such a fun class learning about these needles at 10am, it was time for lunch!  We went to Connie & Ted's, an amazing seafood restaurant.

Like I said, AMAZING!

And then it was time to come home for a family selfie (minus Ashton our cat who was feeling shy).

Now we are off to the movies, but first here is our weekly baby bump!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

5/14/15 - Pop Goes The Weasel

It's official.
It's time for me to announce...
My belly button has POPPED!

I used to be an innie and now I'm an outie.
NO I'm not going to show you a photo!

I kept wondering if one day my belly button would just POP like a cork!

I kind of thought it would be like when one of these pops:

And I wondered if it would feel weird when it happened.

Well it was very anti-climactic! 
My belly slowly grew over the last month and my belly button very slowly starting poking out.

Apparently it will go back in after he's born, and I wonder if Blackbird will be an innie or an outie!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5/13/15 - Week 31: Coconut

Today the baby is the size of...

"Mom, the butternut squash was bigger than this! I'm over it..."
I know, I know - this was the biggest coconut I could find!

This week all five of Blackbird's senses are fully operational. And he's certainly exploring his sense of touch by kicking and punching the crap out of me! One of his signature moves is to punch my bladder and then kick my belly button all at the same time. He's trying to stretch in there!

For me this week, my diaphragm is getting squished as my uterus pushes up against it. Which explains why I CAN HARDLY BREATHE! This will apparently get better in a few weeks when he drops down into my pelvis to get ready for the big day. His head is already facing down which is great news (no breeches here!), but I don't know how much more he can drop! He's already low and will soon be at my knees!

Until he drops, I might need a damn oxygen tank.  Even if I'm sitting down telling a story, I'm suddenly out of breath. Or in the morning, I'll take a shower, put on my makeup and feel like I just ran a marathon!

"I'm with you girl."

My body temperature must be starting to heat up as well. Pregnant women are always hot and I think I'm getting to that stage. And I can't drink enough water! I'm more thirsty than this guy!

I can't believe I'm down to 9 weeks left. 
Blackbird's nursery is coming along and he will be here before we know it! (In JULY!)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

5/10/15 - Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas and mamas to be! 
Including those mamas to the four legged furry little ones!

What better way to start out Mother's Day then with a baby CPR class?!

We took this class and now feel confident that if God forbid our baby Blackbird stopped breathing or was choking, we would know what to do.

It's better to have this knowledge and not use it, then to need it and not know it!

This time last year, I was already a mama blessed with these two babies.

And I was still dreaming about getting pregnant. I wanted nothing more. 
I had just been to the doctor (nervous that I had endometriosis and would have a tough time getting pregnant) and wanted to make sure that everything was functioning the way it's supposed to. 
About a month later we tried round one of IVF with Julia.

This time last year seems like decades ago. And thinking about this time next year seems insane. Our little boy might already be walking around!

We are so lucky to share this Mother's Day with all of the mamas out there. This is a club we've wanted to join for a long time. It's nice to be invited inside instead of standing in line hoping and praying.

We celebrated by going out to lunch and I had a delicious decaf latte.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

5/9/15 - To Swedish Hell And Back

We survived Swedish Hell!
Can we get t-shirts made that say that?!

Today we finished putting together Blackbird's dresser. The drawers are all in and once we put a few together, the rest were easy enough. 
(Which is saying a lot considering the directions lacked... should we say DIRECTION.)

Here's the finished product along with his beautiful blackbird print!

I'm going to cherish this photo because I know that as soon as he's able, our son will probably grab a red marker and go to town on it!

After getting through the dresser, you must imagine my level of surprise when we slid the last drawer in and Julia said, "Do you want to start on the bookcase?"
I almost fell over!

Thank god the bookcase was so much easier and it's now assembled next to the dresser.
I'm saving that photo op for when the whole room is complete, so you'll have to wait!

Julia mentioned to me later that she took a step back and could see how the room was really coming together.
Blackbird's room.

For years our second bedroom was never used. Then it became a guest room that was used only a few times a year. And now, it will be someone's actual bedroom.
Our son's room.

So excited to have him in there and show him around!
(But not until JULY!)

Friday, May 8, 2015

5/8/15 - E.L.L.E.N.

I had the enormous privilege of attending the Ellen Mother's Day Show!

I had applied online by telling the story of how we got pregnant. 
I explained how we tried on our own via at-home insemination for 6 months before we enlisted the help of the pros. We tried IVF last summer with Julia and unfortunately it didn't work. So last fall we had the insane idea to do IVF together. At the same time. We both ended up with viable embryos and we transferred one of Julia's into me and BAM - it's Baby Blackbird! 

He has such an amazing story. Knowing everything that his mommies went through to help create him and bring him into this world is pretty incredible.

So, a few weeks after applying, I got an email.

It was absolutely amazing.

I pulled up to the parking structure and saw just how crazy this show was going to be.

After waiting in line for a while, I finally had my audience number!

I mean there were 300 of us pregnant chicks here...

Then we finally walked across the street and made it into the studio.

And that's when everything really went down!
I was already on the verge of having a breakdown after the first two giveaways.

Here's a whole clip of them!

Then it was time to drive home...
With all these gifts!!!!

After my wife brought them all upstairs, here is what our house looks like!

It was so exciting to be there with Ellen and meet all of these ladies who have also been through long journeys to get pregnant.

I can't wait to show Baby Blackbird all of his goodies!