Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday 12/3/15 – Week 19: Mommies Gone Wild


Today was the start of the Mommy and Me Session 2 Class.  Some new moms joined to replace the ones who had to go back to work.

I must admit that I missed everyone!  It has been such a nice constant in my life going to these classes every Thursday.  I’m really bonding with some of the moms and it’s so awesome to see all of our kids together since they’re the same age.

This sure is a far cry from my first post about these ladies when I was nervous about bringing in formula and thought I would hate everyone!

We went out to lunch afterwards and that’s becoming a little tradition. 
So is having a glass of wine with lunch!

Evan slept the whole time during lunch because it was his nap time and his morning nap was shortened so we could get to class on time.

Sitting at the table eating lunch and having a glass of wine and chatting with everyone while my boy slept – I felt like super mom!

Some of the moms asked me about how our sleep training was going.  I said it’s AMAZING.  They said I can sleep train all of the other babies!

I’m so proud of our boy.

Friday 12/4/15 – Evan has been doing a lot of rolling around during his naps.  Especially when he gets upset.  He wants to be taken out of the crib and he rolls from back to stomach to back all over the place.

It’s self-initiated tummy time!

Saturday 12/5/15 – Last night Evan slept from 7:50pm – 7:55am!

He cried a few times but it was only light crying.
Then I heard him at 6:04am and made his bottle.  I went toward his room and he was quiet.  He had fallen back asleep!
And he stayed asleep until almost 8am!

This kid is amazing.
It’s such a good feeling knowing that he got so much sleep and the sleep training is really working.

"I love my fishy!"

Today, Julia got to spend time with Evan because I had a lot of errands to run.

I got in the car and started driving.
One hand on the wheel, the other holding my coffee.

Time for some music.
Loud music.
Yes, it was time for this song.

That’s right, bitch, I’m important!

I felt like a million bucks.

Later, I texted some of the other moms asking them how their kids were sleeping.  I was the first in the class to do sleep training and now other moms are trying it.  They are all asking me for advice!  I feel like a sleep training coach! 

Sleeping babies = happy mommies!

Today someone told me how great I looked and that made me feel...

When you see a new mom, tell her how fabulous she looks!  Even if she gained 100 pounds since giving birth!  It makes us feel so good!

Tonight, Julia and I went out to dinner.

We had some amazing French food and great cocktails and wine.
Dinner was over around 9:30pm and Jules wanted to go home and go to sleep.
I said, “NO WAY!”
We have a babysitter!  We aren’t going home!

One of our friends was having a birthday drinks gathering so we stopped by.  It was so nice to be out and see everyone knowing that our little angel was home sleeping.

This was our conversation on the way home:
Me: Want to have sex in the car?
Jules: What is this 2008??
Jules: Want to make out and fall asleep?


Sunday 12/6/15 – Lately while I’m giving Evan his bath and washing his hair, he looks up at me.  He just stares at me with these big love eyes.
So adoring.  It’s unreal.
With a little smile.

I love this boy so much.

Monday 12/7/15 – Oh my god Evan slept for 12 hours last night!!!
7:00pm – 7:00am!  This is the dream!

Timing wise he didn't get a third nap yesterday so I wonder if that had something to do with this long sleep. This kid is amazing!!

Every night before bed we read Goodnight Moon as part of our bedtime routine.  He just started smiling at the first page when we open the book.  I think he’s understanding that this happens every night and then he goes to sleep.

He’s so adorable, my boy.

Reading is FUN!

And exhausting!

Tuesday 12/8/15 – This kid is so much fun. We hang out together all day and it's amazing.
Four months old + sleep training = something happens and you feel like you might just have this. It's amazing.

As I type this, we are making coyote noises right now.

Today we got a special delivery of some crib bumpers!

Bumpers in general are a NO NO in the crib because babies can get stuck against the side and not be able to breathe. 

That’s where BREATHABLE BUMPERS come in!

They are made of a mesh material so even if he ends up in the corner, he can breathe through the material.  He started getting his legs all the way out between the bars while he’s trying to roll and we were afraid he would break something!  So these make us feel a lot better and we know he’s safe.

They also make the crib look like a fort.  I want to sleep in there!  It looks so cozy.

Tonight, he fell asleep with his thumb in his mouth while I was rocking him in the chair. I think it was an accident but it was adorable! Self-soothing at its best!!!

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