Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thursday 12/31/15 – Week 23: Happy New Year!

Thank god we made it to the airport on time for our flight!

We left at the crack of dawn (actually before the crack of dawn) and dropped off our rental car.  
Evan stayed asleep until we got onto the rental car shuttle bus that took us to our terminal.

Somehow I managed to pick the worst seat on the bus.  Evan and I ended up right next to the wheelchair contraption that was inside a large cage and not entirely bolted in.  So we had the lovely sound of clanging metal next to us!

Clearly he wasn’t going to sleep through that.

We got out of the shuttle and it was time to get rid of some bags. 

There was a young guy on the shuttle with a backpack and one carry-on size suitcase.
Oh to be young, single and traveling.
I glared at him in my mind but hadn’t had coffee yet, so this glare was probably written all over my face.
Enjoy it, my friend, enjoy it!

We wheeled our suitcases to check in and thank god we had gotten to the airport extra early.  
Because it took over 30 minutes just to get our tickets!
Was there a line?
They had us listed as having two babies instead of one.
Yes, Frankie is our baby, too but not according to the airlines.

I kept trying to distract Evan and hoped he would fall back asleep.
No such luck.

We made it to the airport lounge and had an hour to kill.
The lounge was almost empty and it was beautiful!
We had so much fun stretching out and having breakfast while surrounded by our millions of bags.

The calm before the storm

Then it was time to board the plane.  
I had been given a window seat, but I asked the aisle seat passenger if he would switch with me.

Essentially I phrased it as, “You can stay in your aisle seat, but I will be getting up quite often because of this adorable baby.  So prepare to unbuckle that seatbelt a dozen times… or just switch with me (big smile).”

There were a few other kids on the flight.  This always makes me feel better because I know that if Evan freaks out at some point, one of these other kids will during the flight so we won’t be the only ones.

Evan was so good and even fell asleep for a little bit.
Of course he fell asleep right when the food service was coming through.  
So Jules fed me an egg salad sandwich because I had no hands.  
Luckily Evan didn’t notice when some egg salad fell on his head!

He woke up and it was time to change his diaper.
In the tiny airplane bathroom.
And I could tell he had pooped.
Oh lord this could be bad.

I laid him down and unzipped his pajamas and…
Nothing got on the pajamas!

Trust me, this is a HUGE accomplishment that needs to be CELEBRATED.  Especially when you’re in an airplane bathroom!

Now that he was all clean, we sat back down and he started crying.  He was holding his mouth and was in pain.  We gave him some Tylenol and hoped it would act fast to give him some relief from the teething.  I can’t imagine how much that hurts to feel your teeth coming through.  Ugh. Poor angel.

He was able to sleep a little more and we took a cat nap, too.

All of the ridiculous announcements some flight attendants make now drive me absolutely insane.
They think it’s their time to shine on the airplane mic. 

Well guess what?

Sit down and stop making pointless announcements about all the kinds of food and drinks you have and what the weather will be because you are waking up my boy!

There was a nice mom in front of us who was traveling with teenage boys.  She was saying how good Evan was and when he got fussy she completely understood. 
“There’s nothing you can do!” she said.
Whew, no side eye from this lady.  She is a mom and she gets it!

Finally, we landed in LA. 
So happy to be home and ready to ring in the new year!
(While watching the EAST COAST FEED of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin because let's face it... we're EXHAUSTED.)

 Cheers to our boy.
This year is for you.

Friday 1/1/16 – We took a lovely walk today.

I didn’t even know he was sticking out his tongue until we got home and I looked at this photo!  
He’s just too much.

I can’t believe it’s 2016.
I moved to LA in 2007 and somehow I’ve been here almost 9 years.  
I’m married to an amazing woman and we have an amazing baby boy.  Everything is so different and incredible all at once.

This year, Evan will celebrate his 1st birthday and we will hopefully move into a house!  
Plus I know a million other things will happen and we’re looking forward to it all.

When the only thing that calms your baby down while you’re in Philadelphia is a singing Rudolph stuffed animal, you thank your moms for giving it to you for the plane ride!

Those thighs!  I can't...

Teething Evan by the fire

Sunday 1/3/16 – Today, I feel like my boy is back!
I think the teething is getting easier.
He’s not fussy today and I have missed him so much!

He LOVES this teething banana

Business in the front...

Party in the back!

Monday 1/4/16 – Evan tried crawling today!
Granted, he didn’t get anywhere, but he was in position!

He laid here and made little grunting noises and kind of wiggled back and forth. 

Lord help me because when he figures out how to crawl, he will be so fast and I’ll spend my days chasing after this angel!

Tuesday 1/5/16 – The second bottom tooth is definitely coming through.

He seems to still be doing well with the pain, so that’s good.

Evan and I went to the mall today and met up with another mom and her daughter from our class.  It was pouring rain on the way there!

I’m always so shocked when it rains in LA.  Like it never has before.
Julia will say, “It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.”
My response is, “WHAT?????!!!!”

Evan loves the rain.  He spent the whole car ride looking out the sunroof and watching the rain fall.  He was amazed.  It was so adorable.

We first went to lunch and this photo tells you everything you need to know.
Baby + lunch + wine = happy mommy.

Killing it!

After lunch, I found an adorable pair of shorts for Evan to wear in Mexico.
Somehow that trip is only two days away!

Once we were finished shopping, we figured it was time for a snack and possibly another glass of wine.  I mean, I had nothing to do for the rest of the day so we might as well make the most of this mall excursion!

We were in Pottery Barn and asked an employee if there was a lunch area in the Bloomingdale’s here.
She said yes.
“And do they serve… alcohol??” I needed to know.

Then out of nowhere, this random woman turned to us and said, “Yes, they have a wine bar!”
It was like the MOM CODE!

Two women + two strollers + two babies at a mall means… THEY MUST BE IN NEED OF WINE!

We had so much fun.  Somehow we spent over 5 hours at the mall.

And I swear it went by so fast and felt like we were there for 5 minutes.  
It was the time warp valley mall!

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