Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday 12/17/15 – Week 21: Evan Takes Flight

"Who me?!"

Friday 12/18/15 – Evan has been waking up randomly during the night.
Around 2:30am or 3:30am he will wake up and half cry for about 20 minutes and then fall back asleep.  We haven’t gone in because he stops within 20 minutes, but I wonder what’s suddenly going on.


Most babies start closer to 6 months, but two babies in my Mommy and Me class got teeth at 4 months!  

So you never know…

"Look what I found!"

Just when you think you have this figured out, BOOM something changes!
Welcome to parenthood!

Two tough guys going for a walk

Baby blues!

Monday 12/21/15 – We are headed to Philadelphia for Christmas to spend time with family and friends.

Evan with his new train!

Evanzilla destroying the train!

Packing begins today.
Kill me now.

Trying to figure out how much formula to bring is like solving a math problem.  This is probably the one time I wish I was still breastfeeding.

If he usually has X number of ounces in one day, we need Y number of 2oz. pre-made bottles and Z number of nipples for Xa number of feedings per day.

And if the wind is blowing at 55mph and we're traveling east in the afternoon, HOW MANY BOTTLES AND NIPPLES DO WE NEED?!

We overestimated to be safe and ended up with this:



We are trying to ship as much to the east coast as possible.  We are sending a box of diapers and some formula ahead of time.  We just have to figure out how much formula he will need for our two travel days so we can bring the ready-made liquid bottles.  Then we have to figure out where to put it all...

Thank goodness I'm cute!!!

Wednesday 12/23/15 – Happy 5 months to our boy!

Whose idea was it to travel with a 5 month old AND a dog?!!

We realized that our love Frankie who goes under the seat on the airplane COUNTS AS A CARRY ON BAG!

"Don't blame me!"

So for our first trip with a baby, we are already down a bag.
Oh dear God.

(Not pictured: our suitcases and other carry on items!)

Last night we went over the plan and sequence of events.  We made sure to allow enough extra time to get out of the house.

That is…

Julia went and put everything in the car while I took care of Evan.  
Finally we were ready to leave.

We were running late.

Thankfully there was no traffic, but we got to the parking garage at the time we should have been checking our luggage.


There was no chance we were going to make this flight. 

We have a MILLION bags, need to valet our car, get on a shuttle, check a few of the suitcases and RACE to the gate.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Julia called the airline.

There was a flight a few hours later.
Two seats left.
And that was the last flight that had room on it.

But getting on it was gonna cost us.
A whole lotta $$$$$.

For the price we paid, we could have flown first class!!!
Sadly, first class was unavailable.

So we had to bite the bullet, learn from this mistake (big time) and move on.

Luckily we had some extra time to spare because we got to the terminal and proceeded to wait in the wrong line!

"Hey moms, I think we might be in the wrong line..."

We ended up in the line where dozens of other people were trying to change their flights.  Wait time in that line was about 2 hours!  Thank god we had called the airline because we wouldn’t have made it out today.

We got in the correct line and checked our bags.  

Well, some of them.

Then we were told that American Airlines was really booked in their normal Terminal 4 so they are also using Terminal 6.

So we got to walk back outside and take a nice stroll down two whole terminals!
Carrying a baby and a dog and tons of luggage!

Thankfully we all were accepted into Global Entry and were eligible for TSA pre check.  That means no taking off your shoes and basically no line at security.  YAY!

We got through security super fast and then it was time to find the lounge.  
Mommy needed a drink.

We found our way to the Alaska Board Room and took over the entire business center area.

The "I can't believe we missed our flight" face

Evan didn't seem to mind.

Then mommies got these.

I'll let you figure out whose was whose.

And we all started feeling better.

We let Frankie out of his carrier so he could stretch out.  But we had to hide him a little because technically he has to stay inside his carrier in the lounges.  We thought that was BS so we made our own rules.

After some breakfast and drinks, it was time to go to the gate.  

I was wearing Evan in the baby carrier and we gate checked the car seat and stroller along with a carry on we didn’t need access to during the flight.

Just before we boarded, we gave Frankie half a Benadryl and put him back in his carrier. 
Night night little doggie!

On the flight, we sat next to a very nice guy (thank God) and he tolerated us with our baby and dog!  Frankie was so good the whole flight.  We had flown with him once before and he never made a sound.

Whenever Evan got fussy, we just fed him.  His nap schedule was all over the place so we tried to get him to sleep a little bit.

Of course he would start to fall asleep and then the pilot and flight attendants would get on the loud speaker and make their damn announcements and he would wake up.

“We are cruising at (whatever) altitude folks and looks like…”

Halfway through the flight I started sweating.  
Oh God what’s wrong with me?
Am I getting sick?
I look over and Jules is sweating.

It’s hot as hell on this plane!  We tell the flight attendant and they turn the AC on because they were hot, too!  Good lord. This plane was ancient.  No TV and no AC!

I ended up changing Evan’s diaper twice on the plane.  No poop, yay!

The changing table was a lot easier to use than I thought it would be.  He also loved it because he could lay down and stretch out.  Poor guy was in a car seat or being held all day long and just wanted to lay down for crying out loud!

During parts of the flight, there was some turbulence.  Ok, sometimes there was a lot of turbulence.
Everyone said to wear Evan and walk up and down the aisle when he gets fussy.

Well I can’t do that when the damn fasten seatbelt sign is on and we’re going through Midwestern storms up here!!!

So he cried.
Nothing we could do.
We tried to distract him with every toy we brought.
Sometimes it worked.  Sometimes it didn’t.

I just kept reminding myself that this will be 5 hours out of everyone’s life.  As annoying as it might be, once we land, no one will remember us or our crying baby!

We finally did land… although much later than originally planned because we were on this later flight.

We got to our rental car and it started raining.

Thank god for my family who met us at our hotel at 1:00am with a crib and box of diapers and helped us get Evan to bed.

Time to take a deep breath and remember that Christmas is around the corner and we are all together as a family.

Holidays are so stressful.  You have to take a step back and breathe and remember what’s really important.  We made this trek across the country to see our family so everyone could meet Evan.

His first Christmas.
Our angel boy.

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