Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday 12/10/15 – Week 20: Santa Baby

Look at this adorable boy!
Those cheeks!
That belly!

After our Mommy and me class today, one of the moms stayed after lunch for a glass of wine with me!  I’m really enjoying getting to know these women.  It’s like a whole new circle of friends in a whole new world.

Friday 12/11/15 – Today Evan and I ventured all the way to Woodland Hills (30-45 minutes away depending on traffic) to try a new class.

One of my friends signed up and wanted to try it so we decided to meet there with both of our boys.  They are 3 weeks apart!

The class was fun, but very stimulating.  I think Evan enjoyed it until about halfway through when he was not impressed with the “let’s shake pom poms until we can’t move our arms anymore” part.

Afterwards I was exhausted!  It wore me out!  I was ready for a nap!

Instead we went out to lunch and my friend was telling me all about her part time nanny.  

It’s something Julia and I had been thinking about – doing a part time day care or having a part time nanny.  Only for a few hours a week, but enough time to give me a break to run errands, go grocery shopping, or feel like a person in the world once in a while. 

We might look into it more in the new year.

I’ve talked to other moms who have said if you can do it, DO IT.  It will make you a better mom to have time away and get things done.  

My biggest hurdle with it all is finding someone.  I would love to get someone through a friend recommendation instead of a nanny agency.  It’s hard to trust someone with the most important thing in your entire life EVER!

Saturday 12/12/15 – Big news for us in the coming months – we are going to move!
Sounds super stressful but oh so rewarding!  

My Saturday morning crew

We live in a condo building right now and I think something happens every week where I say to Jules, “WE GOTTA GO.”

There are days where I can’t get out of the garage because someone parked too close to the wall and the stroller won’t fit through.

Or the water gets turned off randomly.

Or the elevator doesn’t work AND the fire alarm goes off AND the neighbor below us decides to do construction for the first time since 2003.


There was a ton of banging below us and Evan was having a hard time taking his nap.  Even the white noise of the ocean couldn’t keep out the HAMMERING and DRILLING below us!

Our neighbor let us know that she needed to turn the water off for an hour in the afternoon.

When the water has now been off for 3 hours, we start getting ready to take our dog for a walk.  I figured by the time we were back, the water would be on.  Or I would raise hell.  One or the other.

I got Evan in the stroller and the leash on Frankie and we are about to leave when the ear-piercing fire alarm goes off in the entire building!

The fire alarm goes off here probably once a month FOR NO REASON. 

I thought we should get out of the building so the noise wouldn’t hurt his ears, so we braved our way through the hallway only to find that the ELEVATOR DOESN’T WORK.  
That’s right because the elevator thinks the building is ON FIRE.

So I take the 3 of us into the stairwell.

And I try to pick up the stroller while holding the dog’s leash. 

How am I going to carry Evan down 4 flights of stairs???

In this moment, all I want to do is cry.

I take a deep breath and pick up the stroller.  Down each flight we go, with the fire alarm soundtrack marking our every step.

We take our walk and I swear that when we get back if the water isn’t turned on and the alarm hasn’t stopped, we are checking into a hotel!  I can’t take this anymore!

Luckily it was… let the house hunt begin!

Evan is ON IT!

New house for this wild haired angel

Monday 12/14/15 – I had been debating taking Evan to see Santa.  The outdoor shopping area with the best looking Santa was no longer taking appointments.  And I heard that people were waiting over 3 hours!
I couldn’t handle that.

It didn’t work out for us to all go as a family, so this morning I thought I would give it a try.  Evan and I got there 5 minutes before Santa opened his little house and there was NO LINE!
I was so excited.

I finished getting him dressed in his Christmas sweater with bowtie (of course!) and in we went.
Santa was very nice and quite authentic looking!  We got several photos and look at this smile!

Totally worth it!

"How much time do you have? I've got a long list, buddy!"

We also took some photos at home with his very own stocking!

Merry Christmas!

Baby model

Tuesday 12/15/15 – I noticed that Evan has some cradle cap on his scalp.  This happens to a lot of babies and it’s large flakes of skin like dandruff. 

We started using a new shampoo that has a scrub in it to help loosen them.  The good thing is he has so much hair that you can’t even see it!  The doctor said it is harmless and will go away on its own.  We are just helping it along.

Today was really scary when there was a bomb threat in Los Angeles and they closed all of the schools.

Los Angeles has the second highest number of schools, right next to New York City.

The threat turned out to be a hoax and everyone was fine.  But when you have a baby, this makes everything terrifying.

When I send Evan to school, I want him to feel safe to learn and play and not have to worry about anything like this.

Wednesday 12/16/15 – For the past two nights, Evan has slept for 12.5 hours!
I’m in shock.

We're all sleeping and it's glorious!!!

Snuggle boy!

Evan decided today that he wanted to sit up.  
He's getting so big and growing up so fast - I CAN'T TAKE IT!

Big boy. Same wild hair.

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