Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday 11/26/15 – Week 18: Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble, gobble!

Today is Evan’s first Thanksgiving!!!!
I’m so grateful for him and for my wife. I can't believe next year he will be running around!

"Moms, did you put wine bottles in my stroller??!!"
"Yes, Evan, yes we did."

We’ve come so far in one year.  
Last Thanksgiving, I was barely pregnant and he was so, so tiny.  I had all of the concerns with being a new mom and keeping that baby healthy and strong.  It’s hard to believe that we have this beautiful baby boy now.  The year went by so fast.

And he tried holding his bottle on his own today!

"Look Moms, two hands!"

Sleep Training Night #2!

The first time he cries, we wait 10 minutes before going into his room. 
The second time, we wait 15 minutes. 
The third time and for the rest of the night, we wait 20 minutes.

He fell asleep at the end of the bottle and I started cutting his nails and he woke up! So I read him Goodnight Moon and got him back to sleep by the end.

Time to open up the wine!

8:08pm = he’s asleep in the crib. I laid him down and he moved a bit but stayed asleep. He had so much stimulation today with meeting new people and being in new places. He is exhausted!!

12:08am = he’s awake. Timer set for 10 minutes.

12:12am = he’s asleep. 

1:09am = he’s awake and crying.  Timer set for 15 minutes.

1:20am = he’s asleep.

1:42am = he’s awake. This is the first real crying of the night. He has moments of silence, then crying. At least it’s not the desperate wailing that we had last night. Timer set for 20 minutes.

1:59am = he’s asleep.

3:30am = he’s awake and crying.  Timer set for 20 minutes.

3:34am = he’s back asleep.

5:44am = he’s awake and pissed! He was saying, “I slept through most of the night and now it's morning, so let's go! Get me out of here!!” 
We’re almost at the 10 hour mark.

6:08am = 10 hours are up! It’s time for a bottle!

Total number of crying sessions = 5
Total number of minutes crying = 60
Total number of check ins = 0

A distinct improvement from the night before!

"Maybe sleeping is fun!"

Friday 11/27/15 – Evan had 2 naps today. 

He has to stay in his crib for 1 hour.
He can cry, he can play, he can SLEEP – it doesn’t matter.  But he has to stay in there for 1 hour.  
We can do check ins, but for an hour or less, I prefer not to.  I don’t want him to think that when I come in after 5 minutes, that I might do that at night, too.

The first nap he slept for 35 minutes and cried for 25 minutes. 

The second nap he slept for 20 minutes and cried for 15, then slept a little and cried for 12 more minutes. Apparently once he gets the hang of sleeping more at night he will get the naps during the day.

Julia is crying listening to him. She can't take it!
I'm cold as ice! He has to learn!


I hung up our stockings today for Christmas.  It made me cry.

This time last year, I knew that next year we would have an extra stocking on the mantle. And here we are. One year later. We have our Evan. Our young buck!

Sleep training night #3!

The first time he cries, we wait 15 minutes before going into his room. 
The second time, we wait 20 minutes. 
The third time and for the rest of the night, we wait 25 minutes.

7:45pm = after a bath, bottle and a book he's fast asleep. I laid him in the crib and he opened his eyes and looked around for a second then fell asleep! This is exactly what we want! He needs to know he's in his bed and everything is ok and he can fall asleep on his own.

2:48am = he’s awake. Set timer for 15 minutes.

3:00am = he’s asleep.

3:10am = he’s awake and half crying. Set timer for 20 minutes.

3:13am = half crying becomes real crying.

3:30am = check in denied!  He's settling down and if I go in, he might get stimulated.

3:35am = he’s asleep.  I knew he was close!

4:43am = he’s awake.  Set timer for 25 minutes.

5:10am = he’s asleep.

5:20am = he’s awake.

5:45am = 10 hours are up! Diaper change and bottle for my crying boy!

Total number of crying sessions = 4
Total number of minutes crying = 89
Total number of check ins = 0

The good thing is there was one less crying session and although he cried for more minutes, some of those minutes were half cries. Also, he slept for 7 hours before first waking up!!!

Saturday 11/28/15 – Evan’s first nap was from 10:00am - 11:00am today.
And he cried the entire time.


But for his second nap this afternoon, he cried for a few minutes then SLEPT!
We are wearing him down!!! He is too tired to cry for an hour!

At the end of this nap, Julia went in to get him and HE ROLLED OVER!!!!
From his back to his stomach!
This is a huge milestone!
Granted it's cause he was so upset and was twisting and turning in the crib, but he rolled over!!!!!

Time to take a deep breath.
In moments like this, I feel reassured that we aren't torturing him and that this is actually working.

His third nap was from 4:45pm-5:30pm. This one can be shorter and thank god because he woke up at 5:05pm and started screaming.

Sleep training night #4!

RULES OF THE NIGHT: 20/25/30 holy smokes…
The first time he cries, we wait 20 minutes before going into his room. 
The second time, we wait 25 minutes. 
The third time and for the rest of the night, we wait 30 minutes.

8:00pm = he’s asleep in the crib.

1:49am = aw shit. It's too early!!! I heard some noise and checked the monitor. He was making some little noises for a few minutes then fell asleep!

4:55am = he’s awake. Eyes wide open and he's staring at the camera! I was willing him back to sleep with my mind. But he wasn't crying. He was laying there making a few noises and just staring. I figured I would sleep until he started crying in a few more minutes.

6:04am = he is crying now but was content for over an hour! Amazing!!! 

Sunday 11/29/15 – For his first nap of the day, he cried for 25 minutes then we watched him find his hand. And he rolled onto his stomach! He seemed upset that he couldn't quite roll back again but then he found his hand and was happy! 

We watched him on the monitor. He's never slept on his stomach before. The doctor said as long as we lay him down on his back, if he gets onto his stomach, he is ok. Any position he gets into on his own is fine.  

So it was scary to see at first but his head was turned and he was crying so he was breathing!

He had stopped crying for maybe 20 minutes and then started again.  We had 7 minutes left in the hour of the nap.

Then he fell asleep.
And so did we.
And we all woke up an hour later! Wow!!!!
Successful nap for sure!!!

And for his second nap, he’s already been asleep for an hour and a half!

I did the dishes, took a shower, ate lunch and I'm having a cup of coffee while watching some football.

Our pediatrician said once he starts sleeping through the night, the naps will fall into place.
Consider them fallen!!!!

One sock napping angel boy

7:45pm = we laid him down in his crib for the night.
6:22am = he woke up ready to start the day.

This. Is. Amazing.

"More sleep equals more play time!"

Wednesday 12/2/15 – We have a whole new Evan.
Jules put him down for his first nap. He opened his eyes, looked around, rolled onto his side and went to sleep.

Later this morning, Evan and I went to Target for a few things.  I wasn’t sure if he would get this nap messed up because we weren't at home for it.
But he fell asleep in the car on the way home! 

I carefully took him out of his car seat, laid him in the crib and he ended up sleeping for over two hours!!!

His third nap is going well right now. 
This is a new baby.

So proud of this boy.

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