Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday 11/19/15 – Week 17: Sleep Training Begins!

Sir Evan Charles of Hollywood

Last night was better and we got a little more sleep.  I think anything would have been better than the night before!

Today was the last day of session 1 of our Mommy and Me class.  Session 2 will start in two weeks.  

Some moms won’t be back because they have to go back to work.  I really feel for them.  It must be so hard.

Almost every week now, a few of us go out to lunch after class.  It’s really nice to get to know these other moms as we try and raise these babes.  It takes a village!!

I can’t believe it’s November and almost Thanksgiving.
Time is going by so fast.

Friday 11/20/15 – Evan slept for 10.5 hours last night! 
There was a feeding in there somewhere but that is so long for him.  I’m so thankful for these nights when they happen!

Our boy is officially in SIZE 3 diapers now!  I can’t believe how big he’s getting.  What happened to my tiny newborn boy???

I happened to look at old photos of him from the summer.  He looks so small!

It made me want another baby!  HELP!!!

Now I know why people have more kids.  I’m so exhausted but I see the pictures of this tiny baby and want a newborn!

Monday 11/23/15 – Our boy is four months old today!

We had an appointment with the doctor and knew Evan had to get another round of shots.

He weighs 16 pounds and 10.5 ounces and is 26.5” long!
This kid is growing!

He did so well with the shots.  There were only 2 this time and after the first one went in, he seemed ok.  Then the second one went in and he started crying.

I had a bottle all prepared for him and then he was happy!
He loves to eat!

Then he slept on the way home like a good boy.

His sleeping schedule is different every night.  Every night you don’t know when he will wake up next and if you should feed him because it’s been a while or just bounce him back to sleep.

We might start sleep training this week…

Tuesday 11/24/15 – Last night he was awake almost every hour! The longest stretch was from 3:00am – 5:45am.
I'm a zombie today!

I think it was from the shots. That's my guess. At one point we made him a bottle and he was still wide awake and crying after he finished.

He didn’t feel warm, but we gave him some Tylenol in case he was in pain from the vaccines. Let's hope tonight we get more sleep!

UPDATE: We are not off to a good start and Jules is working late so I’m here alone!
This is what’s been going on.  
Please, feel my pain.

7:30pm = he’s asleep and I laid him in the crib.
8:00pm = awake and crying. I went in to bounce and rock him.
8:10pm = back asleep in the crib.
8:12pm = awake and crying. Bounced him again.
8:23pm = back asleep in the crib.
8:25pm = awake and crying. Bounced again.
8:36pm = back asleep in the crib.
9:14pm = awake and crying. Bounced again.
9:25pm = back asleep in the crib.
10:14pm = awake and crying. Bounced again.
10:23pm = back asleep in the crib.
3:30am = awake and crying. Julia made him a bottle and fed him.
5:30am = awake and crying. Bounced back to sleep.
6:45am = he’s awake for the day…AND I’M F*&%ING EXHAUSTED.

This kid is begging to be sleep trained.

Wednesday 11/25/15 – I had a dream that I was doing shots of red wine.

Then I woke up and heard Evan crying.
I guess that's my answer to a crying baby!

Sleep training begins!

Yes, the red indicator light shows the level of NOISE in the room.

Because Evan is 4 months old and over 15 pounds, we can now sleep train.  

Our pediatrician, Dr. Scott Cohen, has a method that sounded good to us.  We’ve never gone one night without feeding him halfway through, but our doctor explained that once the baby hits a certain weight, they are only eating for comfort.  They can make it through the night without eating.

Rules of the game:  For 10 hours, we can’t pick him up for feed him.  He must stay in his crib.

The first night is the 5/10/15 rule.  We do our normal bedtime routine and the first time he cries, even if it’s when I lay him down in his crib, we set the timer for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes if he’s still crying, we go in his room, put our hand on his chest, tell him we love him and that everything is ok.  Then we leave.

If he continues to cry or whenever he cries again, we now wait 10 minutes before we check in on him.

The next time he cries, we wait 15 minutes. 

Then every other time he cries that first night, we wait 15 minutes.  Until the 10 hours are up.

If at any time, he has a poopy diaper, we would change him and then put him right back in the crib.  That’s the only reason we would pick him up.

The check ins are really for us so we know he is ok while we are staring at the monitor and listening to him cry all night long.

Tonight, Mama and I will get through this with some whiskey.

7:30pm = he finished the bottle. He always falls asleep by the end of the bottle. Tonight he didn't. He was wide awake. It was like he knew it was coming. I read him Goodnight Moon while holding him upright for 15 minutes (we always do that after a bottle so he isn’t immediately laying flat with a full belly.)

7:45pm = upright time is over. I told him I loved him and gave him a kiss. He's already fussy at this point.  He knows what’s happening!  He’s begging me not to leave!  I laid him down in the crib and now he’s CRYING.  I set the timer for 5 minutes. And since we're in the next room, I turned the volume off on the monitor. Dear god we don't need it in stereo!

7:50pm = go inside his room. I put my hand on his chest. I tell him everything is ok and we love him. I rub my hand on his cheek and leave the room. I set the timer for 10 minutes. This sh*t is getting hard to listen to. I thought I would be cold as ice. But hearing him cry and seeing him look at you in the dark like why aren't you picking me up?! It kills.

7:58pm = I'm beginning to think that he will only stop crying when he passes out. And hopefully that will be soon. He's really not happy with us. But there are a few seconds (like two) when he's quiet. Those seconds make me hold strong and think this will work. He will get it.

8:00pm = I went in his room, put my hand on his chest, told him I love him and rubbed his cheek. I think he's getting hoarse from crying so much. Jesus, I hope this works. Like soon. Timer set for 15 minutes.

8:07pm = he's quieting down! Still crying but maybe this is working. He's rolled onto his side from squirming because he's so upset.

8:11pm = he passed out!!!! Sort of on his side. So we will try to go in and fix him at the next interval.

8:15pm = he is still asleep! I went in and moved him gently off his side onto his back. He moved and was still breathing(!!!) but stayed asleep.

10:18pm = I just want to say that our angel boy is still asleep!!!!! I'm in shock. A quiet, blissful shock.

11:08pm = after dinner and some TV, mommies are off to bed. Let's see how long we can sleep!

12:14am = he’s awake and crying.  Not awful crying, but crying nonetheless. I set the timer for 15 minutes.

12:15am = no more crying. No more squirming. Fingers crossed!

12:17am = he’s crying. I set the timer for 15 minutes again.

12:24am = he started calming down a little and he’s completely sideways in the crib. He turned all the way around.

12:30am = Julia went in. She repositioned him and told him we love him and left. Timer set for 15 minutes again.

12:32am = he’s calming down. I know he’s definitely exhausted.  And he’s not the only one!!!

12:43am = just shy of the timer going off, he passed out.

12:51am = he’s awake and crying. Timer set again for 15 minutes.

1:05am = I went in and straightened him out. Told him I loved him. I could hear all this snot from him crying. Poor baby. Please fall asleep soon. Timer set for 15 minutes.

1:19am = he passed out.

3:36am = he’s awake and crying. I set the timer for 15 minutes and am just staring at the monitor.  I feel like I’ve been doing this all night.  Then I hear something besides my baby crying… 
Julia is SNORING!!!!! Somehow she can sleep through the sleep training with our son wailing in the next room!

3:51am = I woke Julia up and she went in and repositioned him again. Timer reset for 15 minutes.

4:14am = he wiggled sideways again but passed out.

4:17am = he’s awake and crying. Timer reset for 15 minutes.

4:23am = he passed out sideways in the crib.

6:08am = he’s awake and ready to start the day! He went past the ten hour mark of 5:45am, so now it's time to change his diaper and give him a bottle. He was so happy to be held! After I was finished burping him, he laid on my shoulder and zoned out. He let me play with his hair and I held my boy. Love love love.

Total number of crying sessions = 7
Total number of minutes crying = 133
Total number of check ins = 6

Evan Charles cannot be tamed!

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