Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday 11/12/15 – Week 16: Four Month Sleep Regression

"I got this."

We had a great Mommy and Me class this week.  
We talked all about our partners/spouses and let me just say that I’m so grateful for my wife.  I have someone who is supportive, kind and generous who has my back.  Forever.
Some other moms don’t have that.  And it was sad to hear that they don’t get the support they need at home.

Afterwards some of the moms and I went to lunch and it turns out a few of us had done IVF.  I heard that two of the moms had miscarriages.  They were in their mid to late first trimester when it happened. 

I can’t imagine what they went through.  We were so lucky with Evan.  So grateful that when I got pregnant, it was with him.  I carried him to full term (plus 8 days) and he is a healthy baby boy.

We are very blessed to have him and so lucky that we also have some embryos left over for Evan's sibling(s!!!).  Some women do IVF and end up with only one embryo, like what happened to us the first time.  Others end up with several embryos, but only one results in a pregnancy.  

We are very fortunate and I guess this was an advantage to having two women do IVF at the same time... 4 ovaries!

"I can't wait to be a big brother!"

I’m finding that whenever I go out into the world and do something, I feel like a super mom.  I need to remember this and make sure I get out of the house at least every other day - and not just to walk the dog!

Friday 11/13/15 – Breastfeeding is finally coming to an end.  I’ve been doing it twice a day now, first thing in the morning and at night before his bath.

Evan is getting frustrated because there isn’t much milk left and it doesn’t come out immediately.  The boy is used to the bottle, and that’s ok.

On top of this frustration, I have a MILK BLISTER.

It’s just as bad as it sounds.
I noticed this small white dot on my nipple that didn’t go away.  After some internet research, I found that it is caused by a small amount of milk getting clogged in a milk duct.  FUN!

Breastfeeding already hurt.  Now it is on the verge of unbearable.

How do you get rid of it?
Well, the best way is to KEEP NURSING.

Are you freaking joking me?!!!!!

I’m probably going to stop breastfeeding him this weekend if this doesn’t resolve itself ASAP.  It’s not worth it to have him be frustrated and me be in agony.

I feel sad about stopping.  But I know that feeling is because I’m mourning what I thought breastfeeding was going to be.  This magical bonding experience.  Instead I’ve been greeted by intense pain and not enough milk.

I wish it would have been different and I could have done it longer, but it wasn’t in the cards.
What’s in the cards is Evan being healthy and having a happy mommy.

Sunday 11/15/15 – Today is the last day of breastfeeding. 
I decided this when nothing was coming out and Evan wouldn’t even try to nurse.  He was hungry and we were both getting frustrated.

I thought, “Why am I pushing this?!”
It was time.
Time to end the torture, take my body back, buy some new fun bras in celebration and make Evan a damn bottle!

He saw me making the bottle and he looked at it and smiled.  What more convincing did I need?!

I thanked him for bearing with me through all of this.
He’s been amazing with everything.  From the two tongue tie corrections to the lip tie correction to the different bottles to the nursing frustration for both of us – this kid just goes with the flow (or lack thereof).

And now, it’s bottle time.

Monday 11/16/15 – Last night we gave Evan a bottle at 7:15pm.
He was asleep in his crib by 7:45pm.

Around 8:15/8:30pm, he woke up and was crying.  Julia bounced and rocked him back to sleep. This only took maybe 3 minutes total.

Then he slept until 6:30am!!!!!!

Angel boy in his magic suit

He woke a little around 1:00am and 3:00am but got himself back to sleep. Maybe sleep training won't be so bad when we do it??!!!

I'm so proud of him.
Granted it’s 11:30am and he hasn't napped yet today but anyway...that’s a battle for another day!

UPDATE: He finally napped at 1:00pm IN HIS CRIB!!!!

I knew I could break him!
I wasn’t going to let him sleep in my arms, so I figured I would keep putting him down in his crib. He only slept for 20 minutes, but we'll take it!

Wednesday 11/18/15 – Last night was the worst night ever!
Here was the sequence of events:
6:50pm = bath
7:15pm = bottle
12:00am = finally asleep after multiple awakenings where we went in and soothed him back to sleep.
1:00am = awake and we rocked him back to sleep.
1:45am = awake again.
2:15am – 5:15am = he woke up four times but was able to get himself back to sleep each time.
7:00am = awake and ready for a bottle.

I got more sleep when he was a newborn!

I found out that other moms in my class had the same problem.

The dreaded 4 month sleep regression is real.  And he's so advanced that he decided to start it a little early!

His brain is starting to sleep more like an adult. He used to close his eyes and immediately fall into a deep sleep.

Now, he is starting to sleep like adults do where we don’t fall asleep immediately upon closing our eyes.  So he will fall asleep in my arms but the second I lay him in the crib, he wakes up and CRIES.

"No sleep for me!"

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