Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday 10/8/15 – Week 11: Holy Jesus, He’s Gonna Blow!

Foxy boy

Mommy and me Week 2!

Class went well… and I might actually like some of the moms!  This is huge!

Some of them went out to lunch after the class today.  I said I would join them next week, God help me.

I brought my formula bottle and put it in a freezer bag to keep it cold.  So that way I could pull out the bottle at any moment during class and feed it to him.  I didn’t have to worry about mixing or pouring anything. 

I have to get over this formula shame that I have.  It’s hard when all the moms whip out their boobs or their pumped breast milk to feed their babies.  I know that as I get more comfortable with the moms and the class, it will get easier.

"For sure, Mommy!"

Sunday 10/11/15 – We are still working on our routine.  Evan was up after only 4 ½ hours and the night before it was 4 hours.  That is a far cry from the 7+ we were getting. 
The hardest part is getting sleep and then having it TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU!
I think the routine can still work.  We just have to stick with it.

This morning our friends had their baby baptized so we went to the church and reception afterwards.  During the passing of the peace section of church, an older man came right up to Evan and touched his head and kissed him!

How do people think it’s ok to just GRAB babies and KISS them?!
I had a mild heart attack and remembered that he already had his shots.  It’s still unnerving because he’s so little.

Another woman came up to chat with us and specifically said, “I won’t touch him but he’s so adorable!”  THANK YOU!

At the reception afterwards, everything was going smoothly…

Until it wasn’t.

Julia picked Evan up from his car seat to hold him and she felt something wet.

Real wet.

Oh yes, we have a blowout!

We took him to the bathroom and not only did he need an outfit change, but so did my wife! 

What we were thinking while we pulled his pants off:  “Holy f*ck, that’s a lot of sh*t!”
What we said:  “Oh, good boy!  You must feel better!”

What we were thinking as we got out the baby wipes:  “We only have 3 wipes left in the container---F*CKKKKKKK!”
What we said:  “Your mommies are going to get you all cleaned up!”

What we were thinking as other people started coming into the bathroom and my wife’s shirt is covered in baby sh*t:  “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”
What we said:  “Almost finished here and then we get to put on a fun new outfit!”

Of course we didn’t bring a change of clothes for us, so it was then time to leave!


Monday 10/12/15 – Today was the first time I had to walk the dog in the afternoon.  
With Evan.  
We had a dog walker helping out and I finally got to the point where I felt I could handle the walk around the block with the hills.  I also wanted to try and get some exercise so it was time.
Walking the dog and pushing the stroller is fun and tricky all at once.  The hills were tough but we made it.

In the 100 degree weather. 

Can it please be fall soon?!?!

Ready for sweater weather!

Tuesday 10/13/15 – Evan had been pooping once a day but today we got 3!  And the last one was the perfect bright yellow color!

Last night we didn’t get any sleep.  He kept waking up so maybe our routine isn’t working after all.  I felt guilty because Julia has to work all day and I know she needs her sleep.  But she’s so good about helping in the middle of the night.  She knows I will function better the next day if I get some sleep, too. 

One of us will try to calm him down and rock him back to sleep and if that doesn’t work, we switch.

I’m in a few mommy groups on Facebook and it’s so sad to hear women vent about their partners not helping AT ALL with their babies.  I’m so lucky to have a supportive spouse.  She works all day and gets home and the first thing she says is, “What can I do?” 

Today Evan and I had a good walk with Frankie.  We are getting the hang of this.  And I’m enjoying the fresh air.

Evan held his head up so high during tummy time today.  He kept it up almost the whole time!  So proud of our boy!

Wednesday 10/14/15 – Evan is really exploring his toys during tummy time.  While he’s laying on the mat on his back, he opens his hands to grasp them and move them back and forth.  It’s amazing to watch him learn and discover new things.

He also learned to grab his rattle and shake it!
Genius boy!

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