Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday 10/22/15 – Week 13: He’s Got The Magic Suit

"Watchu talkin' about Willis?!"

Today I skipped my mommy and me class and took Evan to the doctor.  

He’s had a cough the past several days and even though he didn’t have a fever or mucus, I wanted the doctor to listen to his chest.  Poor baby would wake up in the morning with this awful mucus sounding cough but nothing would come out.  I didn’t want it to turn into bronchitis or something crazy.  And he’s so tiny that I knew I would feel better once he was checked out.

On the way to the doctor, I was driving along and explaining to Evan what we were doing. I explained how we had to walk through a special door in the hallway for this visit. 

It was the first time we had to walk through the NOT WELL entrance.  
It killed me.  I wanted him to feel better and not be sick!

Then, I swore I heard thunder.

Oh no.
It wasn’t thunder.
It was Evan.


I get into the exam room and take him out of his car seat and I knew. 

I knew exactly what he had in store for me.

He’s recently only been pooping once a day, so when he does, it’s epic.

The doctor walked in and I’m elbow deep in baby sh*t and I said, “I might need another minute.”

Luckily we had a change of clothes with us!  Evan left in a brand new outfit!

The doctor checked him out and said he just had a cold.  There was nothing to worry about. 
He suggested we elevate his bassinet mattress a little by placing a pillow or something underneath one side of the mattress (not underneath Evan).  Also, we should get a cool mist humidifier. 

I felt so much better knowing that his chest was fine.  But I feel awful that he is sick to begin with. 

There is a small voice in my head reminding me that formula fed babies get colds easier than breastfed babies. 

Well… I’m telling that voice to shut the f*ck up.

Friday 10/23/15 – Evan is 3 months old today!
I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast.  We love you, our big boy!

Saturday 10/24/15 – We went to a pumpkin patch today!

It was almost an hour away, but I wanted to start a new tradition with our son.  This farm was huge and they have animals and hayrides and tons of things that Evan will love in a few years.  I kept thinking about going there next year.  A year goes by so fast.  He will be almost 1 ½.  So unbelievable.

Tonight Julia and I went out to dinner.

Without Evan.

Just the two of us.

We got a babysitter!!!!!

We walked out the front door and towards the car and it felt so weird. 

Beyond weird.  Like we were forgetting something. 

I felt naked.

Like the feeling when you leave your cell phone at home.

Your very, very, very important cell phone.

We missed him at dinner.  Our phones stayed on the table in case the babysitter had a question or emergency.

Of course she was just fine and never called.

We had a lovely dinner complete with a cocktail and some wine!

It was strange though being out to dinner.  It reminded me of how it used to be.  But it felt weird all at the same time.  Because everything is different now.

It was a great day and special first dinner date as mommies. 

I’ve missed my wife. 

It’s important to us to find time to focus just on the two of us.  In the beginning with Evan when he needed us literally around the clock, this was very hard.  Basically impossible.  Marriage takes a back seat with a newborn.

Now we can work in some more mommy time.

This foxy boy approves!

Tuesday 10/27/15 – Today is a very special day.

Exactly one year ago, we did our embryo transfer of Julia’s biological embryo into me.  
Here’s a link to my blog entry from that day one year ago.

It’s crazy to think that one year ago I was laying down on the couch playing Farmville to take my mind off of the fact that I was hopefully in the process of getting pregnant. I was praying that this tiny embryo would implant in my body and attach to me.

I remember trying to take it easy and relax while doing meditation to prepare me mentally for what was happening inside my body.

Well, it all worked.

And today we have our miracle.

Our Evan.

We couldn't ask for anything more.

We did it.

And Evan can now roll from his stomach to his back!
Here he is in action!

Wednesday 10/28/15 – Dear Lord today is a rough day.  Sometimes it’s hard to complain, but today has definitely been rough. 

Let’s start with this morning when Julia was leaving to go to work and she left her sneakers on to get something from our bedroom.  We didn’t realize it until she left that the cat had taken a sh*t on the floor and she stepped in it and now there was cat poop all the way back to our bedroom carpet!!!

Our WHITE bedroom carpet!!!

When you have a baby, any minor inconvenience such as this is suddenly THE BIGGEST F*CKING DEAL EVER.  It’s hard enough taking care of a baby, let alone having to scrub cat sh*t out of the carpet.

We had scheduled someone to come take a look at our air conditioning unit and replace the filter.  I used to do all of these types of things before Evan and just don’t have the time or energy anymore.

Whenever anyone comes over and I’m alone, I now have to carry Evan and walk all the way downstairs.  Our building is too complicated to expect strangers to find their way to our door.

So as soon as the technician and I approach our door, our dog Frankie starts barking his head off. 

He’s going insane and Evan is squirming in my arms and I’m trying to explain where our AC unit is.

The technician was a little strange and claimed he saw mold on our filter and tried to sell me a UV light to go inside our unit for $695!!!!

My mind exploded.

There was no chance I was buying this thing for $700!  And you’re telling me we have MOLD?!!!!!!

I asked about bringing in a mold specialist and of course he thought we were ok for now but should have the light.  So automatically I know something is up here.  If the mold is really an issue, we would need a mold company to come take care of it.

Thanks for taking one look at this housewife/stay at home mom and trying to pull one over on me!

Not gonna happen!

Then he was about to leave and he dropped something.  I looked over and saw that it was a small brush and black residue was now on my floor…NEXT TO WHERE EVAN LAYS DOWN TO TAKE HIS NAP!

All I can think of is…..

Does that small brush contain said mold?

Are there now mold particles on the floor?

Are they in Evan’s sleeping area?


I never paid a bill so fast.

Later in the afternoon, someone starts knocking on our door.

Whenever anyone walks down our hallway, our dog barks.  So a knock at the door is an entire barking session.

Of course Frankie’s barking startles Evan, so he starts crying.


No one ever knocks on our door when I’m sitting in the living room with nothing to do.

No, they knock on our door when I’m TOPLESS AND BREASTFEEDING MY BABY.

Clearly, I’m not going to answer the door.

They keep knocking.

I yell, “I can’t come to the door!”

They say, “I just wanted to tell you that you have a package downstairs in the lobby.”

It’s one of our annoying neighbors. 

One I really don’t like.

Thanks a million!


Throughout the day, Evan has been eating almost every 2 hours.  He had been eating closer to every 3 hours.

He even had 6 ounces at one point, when he normally only eats 4.

If I try and put him down, he cries.

He’s been in my arms literally all day long.

It’s 4pm and I haven’t peed or eaten anything.

Then finally, Evan passed out.

Thank you Jesus.

He slept for an hour and let me put him down.  I slept on the couch watching over him in his rock ‘n play.  When he woke up, he was in a good mood and we took the dog for a walk.

Things seem better now. 

Sleep makes everything better!

Speaking of sleep, we heard about something that apparently helps you get sleep with a baby.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit.

It essentially turns your baby into a Michelin man.

He can’t really move too much in this and the material is thick so each of his limbs are kind of swaddled. 

He had been breaking his arms out of every swaddle item we had.  And when he gets his arms free, he wakes up.

Well the only trick with the Magic Sleep Suit is that the baby can only wear it while sleeping in the CRIB.  He wouldn’t fit with his arms extended in our bassinet anyway. 

We weren’t quite 100% ready to transition him into the crib in his room just yet, but we were quite ready to get more sleep!

So I proposed sleeping in the glider chair for the night.  It reclines and really wasn’t too bad.  This way I could be in the room with Evan if he woke up and I could look in on him in his crib if I got worried.

Well, he slept like a champion.

Almost 9 hours!

I think this is the start of him sleeping alone in his room like a big boy.

He’s growing up so fast.

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