Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday 10/15/15 – Week 12: Angel Boy

"Um, excuse me.  I'm 12 weeks old today!"

Mommy and me class Week 3!

Evan fell asleep as soon as we got to the class.  After having screamed in the car the whole way there, he was tired!

Then he woke up about an hour in and was hungry.

So I opened my bag and took out….


All was fine and Evan was happy that he got to eat.  Afterwards some of the moms and I went out to lunch.  We strolled up the street and took over the front area of a restaurant.  It looked like valet parking for strollers.

While we sat and ate, someone brought up formula.  I immediately said that Evan is mostly on formula and felt so good that I talked about it. 

And imagine my surprise when some of the moms said they were thinking of trying it!

I found out that today is infant and pregnancy loss awareness day.  I couldn’t help but think about how lucky we are. 

I looked into Evan’s eyes and started crying.  I told him how special he is and what a miracle he is. 
Julia and I went on this journey to have a baby and had our bumps along the way.  But then I got pregnant with Evan and it’s hard not to think about how easily I could have lost him.  So many things had to come together perfectly to create him and keep him growing to be a healthy baby boy.

He’s here.  Our miracle.  It was meant to be and he was more than worth the wait.

Friday 10/16/15 – Last night Evan went 8.5 hours between feedings!

We went out to lunch today to meet a friend of mine and her son.  He and Evan are 3 weeks apart. The last time we saw each other, we were pregnant and having lunch together.  My how things have changed!

On the way home, he fell asleep in his car seat.

So that means….


Monday 10/19/15 – Last night Evan went 8.5 hours again between feedings.
Evan is amazing.

How did we make this happen?
So much is trial and error.  But we have a new routine that might be working.

5:00pm – Start clusterfeeding.  We offer him a bottle every 2 hours and he is usually hungry and drinks almost all of it.

10:30pm – Bath time.

11:00pm – One last bottle before bed.

Then he sleeps until 6:30am or 7am!

He will sometimes sleep between the evening cluster feedings too.  It’s tricky to eat dinner if he’s awake and fussy, but we get sleep at night.  So we’ll take it!

Tuesday 10/20/15 – Evan went 10 hours between feedings last night!


I keep calling him ANGEL BOY. 
He is my angel boy but I’m afraid he might start thinking that’s his name!!!
God I love this kid.

Wednesday 10/21/15 – Today I organized a lunch with some of the moms from the mommy and me class.  Four of us met for lunch and it was nice to get out of the house.

The great thing about the class is meeting these other woman who know EXACTLY what I’m going through. 

And then during lunch, one of the moms said she wants to start giving her baby formula!  It feels like I’m starting a revolution.

I feel better talking about it and the most important thing is that we are feeding our babies.  If my talking openly about it helps some moms feel more comfortable or free to ask questions, then I feel good about myself.

Mommy high five!

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