Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday 10/1/15 – Week 10: International Evan

Singing Evan!

Today was the first week of the Mommy & Me class Jules signed me up for.  
Oh boy.  I was not looking forward to this too much.

The class is every Thursday in the mornings and I’m not so good with mornings.  That’s the one time of the day where I feel really rushed.  So if I try to get out the door before noon, expect me to be late.  

I have to somehow get myself ready but also make sure Evan is fed, changed, clothed and not screaming!  And his hair has to be brushed of course!

I walked into the class and was surprisingly only 3 minutes late.

I see boobs.
All around the room.
Moms are breastfeeding their babies.
“Oh dear god here we go,” I thought.

It wasn’t a breastfeeding class but I already felt like the odd man out knowing that I have god forsaken FORMULA in my diaper bag.

“Please don’t get hungry, Evan,” I prayed.

Well my boy was so good in this first class.  He slept for part of the class and didn’t get hungry or need a diaper change.
He enjoyed the part of class where we learned new songs and got to sing to our babies.

I couldn’t handle much else this morning!

I have my reservations about some of these women but all in all I think it will be a good thing and each week we will discuss a new topic.

Evan was looking at the baby girl next to me and was smiling at her.
Maybe we’ll end up making some friends.

Friday 10/2/15 – Today I had plans for lunch.
I was going to actually go out into the world with my son and dine with someone.
Sounds like a fairytale but this was real life!

Evan's ready for lunch!

The restaurant wasn’t far, and 5 minutes into the car ride we were still doing ok.
I was talking to Evan and letting him know where we were going and what we were doing.

Minute 6 = a meltdown.
He had eaten not that long ago, but suddenly he was screaming.

Was he hungry?
Actually hungry?
Dirty diaper?
Car sick?
Missing mommy?
Dear god why is he crying!

It’s the worst thing when your baby is crying in the back seat and you are driving.
Even if I pulled over to give him a pacifier, it would fall out in a few seconds and I wouldn’t be able to put it back in.

I talked to him some more.
I sang songs.
I tried to reach my hand back to touch him and comfort him.
No dice.

I pulled onto a side street and got him out of the car.
And when he wouldn’t stop crying, I figured f*ck it.  It’s bottle time!

So I fed my boy on the sidewalk today.
I was over an hour late for lunch.
Luckily the friend I was meeting was completely flexible so it wasn’t a big deal at all.  

Being anywhere on time is so difficult.  Evan runs the show!   If he needs something, forget about everything else!

He drank less than an ounce and passed out.
Ahhhhhh – he was tired.  That was it.

He slept through a delicious sushi lunch and the walk back to the car.
Of course halfway home, he woke up in the car and started crying because now he was actually hungry!
AND he had a dirty diaper.
Let’s just say there were multiple outfit changes today.

And now we're all exhausted!

Saturday 10/3/15 – Two of our dear friends are getting married in January in Mexico.  We had been debating if we should go or not. 
Can we handle international travel with a 5 month old?
Are we insane to leave the US with a little baby?
Is he too young?
We kept weighing the pros and cons and decided we should go for it.  Everyone says to travel now before he can walk because it's just easier.
We know we want to travel with him anyway and I figured the only way to get used to that is to do it!  I didn’t want to look back on this opportunity and regret not going and being there on such a special day.
So in order to get on the plane, Evan needs a passport.
He is only 2 months old and is getting a passport.  I wish I were as cool as Evan!

Is this not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?!

After the photo, we went to lunch.  He slept in the stroller the whole time.

We must have been high on our sandwiches because we then thought it was a good idea to go to Target.
It’s never a good idea to go to Target.  
Especially on a SATURDAY!

I had to return some things so we waited in the return line.  
As soon as we approached the register, Evan started crying.  It was time to eat!
Jules picked him up and took off with the diaper bag.

She ended up preparing the bottle one handed while she held our screaming boy.  By the time I found her, she was stressed and Evan was gulping down the bottle.

Everything worked out and once he was fed we walked around the store.  He was smiling and cooing the whole time.  This boy loves to eat and once you feed him, he’s happy!

Every time we go out and he happens to get hungry or need a diaper change will help us learn how to handle these situations.  Otherwise we will be leaving the house for 90 minutes and coming home again to take care of something!

You can do it Moms!

Monday 10/5/15 – Today hasn’t been the easiest day.
Evan is eating every 2-3 hours AROUND THE CLOCK.

So I did what any mom would do.
I went straight to GOOGLE!

And apparently there can be a 10 week growth spurt.

As most of these growth spurts go, they last 3-4 days.  Evan has been so hungry all day and I think that’s exactly what’s happening.

Maybe after this growth spurt he will sleep more?!!
Hey, a mom can dream!

Tuesday 10/6/15 – Julia and I tried to go out to lunch today.  
Well, we DID end up going out to lunch, but Evan cried in the car most of the time.

He’s fine in the car as long as we’re moving.
Which really isn’t a problem because there’s never any traffic in Los Angeles.


He used to fall right asleep in the car but now he’s more aware of his surroundings and realizes that WE AREN’T THERE IN THE BACKSEAT WITH HIM!

Sometimes Julia will sit in the back just to try and keep him calm for a few extra minutes.  

Another newfound trick is the SUNROOF!  
He likes the light and can see the clouds and sun and that distracts him sometimes. 

The bottom line is that anything that gives you even an extra minute of a happy baby = a freaking lifesaver.

Wednesday 10/7/15 – We have been working on a routine at night that seems to work. 
This parenting stuff is all about trial and error.

6:30pm = breastfeed Evan.  He doesn’t get a full feeding amount when I breastfeed him, but it tides him over for a little while.
7:00pm = bath time.  The bath is key because it makes him SLEEPY!
7:30pm = bottle to fill him up.
8:00pm = bed time in his CRIB!

Now mommies can eat dinner, do the dishes or laundry and not have to worry about waking this sweet little boy!

10:30pm = dream feed.  We give him another bottle and he’s still mostly asleep.  Julia usually gives him this bottle so I can take a shower.  She holds him and he opens his mouth and drinks the bottle but his eyes are still closed.  He makes this little fishy face as he drinks and I pop my head into the nursery just to watch.  It’s the cutest thing ever.

Then he will hopefully sleep until 5am or so!

This seems to be working for the past few nights and it looks like we are out of the growth spurt!

Mommy WIN!

I mean... I can't handle the cuteness.

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