Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday 9/24/15 - Week 9: The Witching Hour

Friday 9/25/15 – Tonight we were feeling bold and made a reservation for dinner.  Since Evan has his shots, we thought it would be a great time to celebrate!

On our way to the restaurant, Evan started getting fussy.  Julia got in the back seat to be with him and give him a pacifier.

No dice.

He was pretty unhappy and we knew we couldn’t sit in a restaurant with him like this.

Reservation canceled.

We knew of another place we could go that had a large outdoor patio.  It was really warm outside and we hoped it wouldn’t be too busy.


We got a table and parked the stroller next to us.  

I rocked it back and forth and BAM he fell asleep.

So, Mommy ordered this!

Saturday 9/26/15 – Today we went to our friend’s house warming party.  It was our first party with Evan!  I wore him in a carrier on my chest.  He tolerated that for about half of the house tour.  Then we gave him a bottle and put him back in the carrier.  He fell asleep!

I could eat some food and have a drink!

Then he woke up and it was clearly time to leave.  Well, at least we made it there! I know the more we take him out in the world, the more we will all get used to it.  Baby steps.

Evan and Frankie!

Sunday 9/27/15 – We learned a valuable lesson from our friend today.  When it comes to diaper sizes, if Size 1 is from 8-14 pounds, don’t wait until your baby is 14 pounds to switch to the next size.  

Evan is now 12 pounds and started going through his diapers when he went to the bathroom.

Exhibit A:

"Why do you put me in these JETS onesies?????"

"Much better, Mom!"

So we switched to Size 2 (which starts at 12 pounds) and are having to do a lot less laundry! Yay!

Wednesday 9/30/15 – The witching hour has begun.  
Around this age and possibly lasting until 3-4 months (God help us), babies experience the witching hour from sometime around 6 to 10pm.  Evan starts getting fussy and is hungry but then doesn’t take the bottle without putting up a fight.  He’s over stimulated and overtired and has to be reminded that sleeping is FUN!

Adorable pajama boy

Let's hope this doesn't last until 4 months!!!

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