Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday 9/10/15 – Week 7: Touchdown!

"Listen up! I'm 7 weeks old, fools!"

Friday 9/11/15 - Last night, Evan ate at 10pm and didn't need food again until 5:15am.

Over seven hours?!?!

We got over five hours of solid sleep after that 10pm feeding was over. Amazing.
Now if only we could get past this heatwave and leave the house.

"It's how hot out??"

Sunday 9/13/15 - Today was the first Sunday for football.
Evan was very excited to help support his Mama’s team, the Jets.  He must have been their good luck charm cause they actually won a game. 

"But I'll always be an Eagles fan at heart!"

Even when they lose...

Monday 9/14/15 – This is my first full week of being a stay at home mom… ALONE!  It is so nice having my wife here with me.  An extra pair of hands is invaluable and when you are alone you just have to figure it out.

So far we are doing ok!

There is a lot of cooing and smiling. Evan is trying to have a conversation with you and he says Ohhhh and Ooooh and it’s just so adorable.

And when I get even 20 extra minutes of sleep or somehow manage to get the dishes done, I feel so accomplished. I look at my son and think about my life now and feel like I can do anything. Sleep makes such a difference in the day!

I've heard about the awful four month sleep regression where babies suddenly don't sleep well anymore.
And all I can think is...
So before that happens you DO get sleep! Great!!!!

Julia found something online by accident and it has turned out to be a game changer.

It’s basically the same idea as a Keurig coffee machine, but for formula!  We just select the number of ounces and hit start and the machine figures out exactly how much water and how much formula to dispense into the bottle WITHOUT AIR BUBBLES.

Pure genius.

Tuesday 9/15/15 - Last night was too cute for words. Julia was changing Evan’s diaper and I went into the nursery. He saw me and started smiling. Then I said hi to him and he was cooing and talking to me. 

She fed him his bottle and he was watching me walk around his room. He wouldn’t take his eyes off me! And he was smiling and so happy. It really melts my heart. I love him so much. And he loves me!

It's pretty special that we get to spend all day together. Yes I'm exhausted and barely eat breakfast and lunch on some days. But he is so worth it. I look at that face and just love this boy. I would do anything for that smile.

My little fishy after his bath

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