Thursday, August 20, 2015

8/20/15 – Week 4: Return Of The Double Chin

Hi, long legs!

Friday 8/21/15 – We went to the doctor today. Evan has gained weight but instead of the recommended ounce per day, he gained less than half an ounce a day.

We were worried about long term effects from him not getting enough food and the doctor reassured us.  Evan had grown an inch and they said that if he were malnourished or in danger, he wouldn’t have grown.  So he didn’t gain enough weight but we are now supplementing with formula and he will be fine.  We are on the right track.  They said we can come back in a week for another weight check to be sure he’s gaining. 

I feel so much better about formula because my baby was hungry and that was killing me. I just didn’t have enough milk for him. Now he will gain weight and without the formula, he would have suffered.  If formula gives him a full, happy belly, I’m on board.

Saturday 8/22/15 – Today there was fire alarm testing in our building.  We decided to go to a friend’s house so Evan wasn’t subjected to the loud alarm all day long.  I can’t wait until we live in a house and don’t have to deal with these things!

Before we left, they started some testing and we wanted to protect his ears. 

DJ Evan droppin' them beatz

Monday 8/24/15 – We have a new baby.  He is so happy now and actually sleeps in between feedings because he has a full belly. He used to be so fussy in between feedings and we thought he was just going through a phase.  But he was actually just still hungry.

His double chin is coming back and it makes me so happy. 

He loves to eat and is so funny during feedings.  We are doing paced bottle feeding so he doesn’t gulp it all down and then get an upset stomach.  So we feed him the bottle for about 10 sips or 10 seconds and then stop.  And every ounce that he drinks, we burp him.  And he has some burps that sound like a grown man! 

Well in the beginning when we stop to burp him and he’s still starving, he doesn’t like his feeding to be interrupted and he let’s us know!  We put him over our shoulder and he will start crying these “I’m RAVENOUS” cries and it’s so adorable.  Sometimes there are even shrieks and these are my absolute favorite.  Then after a burp we put him back in position for more of the bottle and he’s happy as a clam once it’s in his mouth.  He is quite dramatic and really makes us laugh.  We love this boy so much.

Chatting with Mommy!

Tuesday 8/25/15 – Today we met with a lactation specialist and have a new plan of attack.  The woman weighed Evan and then had me breast feed (which was still just as painful despite the tongue AND lip ties being corrected).  Then she weighed him again to see how much he got from me.  She thought the amount of milk he got from one side wasn’t too bad.  She thinks we can boost my supply and see results, but we have to figure out why it’s so painful. 

I then fed him with the nipple shield on the other side and he got less milk.  I took the shield off and the flow improved.  So it was determined that although the nipple shield helped my pain, it became a barrier for Evan to get a good amount of milk.

So probably between the nipple shield and his tongue and lip ties, he wasn’t getting enough milk.  This then taught my body that it doesn’t need to make a lot of milk because it’s not needed.  Now we have to try and correct this perfect storm that was created.

The lactation lady suggested we rent a hospital grade breast pump because it will be gentler and should produce better results.  I am going to try and breastfeed as much as possible (without the nipple shield) and will pump after each feeding. The extra pumps will help teach my body that it needs to make more milk.

I’m also taking some new herbs to help boost supply.  One of them has the word SHAT in it.  I wish I were kidding.

We will see how this new plan works.

The best thing about today was going out and taking a walk.  My wife and I went out to Starbucks and then walked around the block.  She walked the dog while I pushed the stroller.  Our family.  I love these walks so much.

Happy clean boy after his bath in his elephant towel!

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