Tuesday, July 7, 2015

7/7/15 - 101 Dilations: Part 4

We saw the doctor this morning and have a big update...
There has been no change!

I'm still 1cm dilated and about 20% effaced.
So it looks like Baby Blackbird is pretty comfortable in there.

I think I've been in a bit of denial about labor. I have gotten so used to being pregnant and at the same time I can also picture our boy here at home with us. What I can't picture is the process that needs to happen to get him out!

Am I scared?
You bet your ass I am!
It's scary to think that somehow this child will need to come out and somehow my body will need to help him do that!

I feel so thankful knowing that Julia and our awesome birth doula, Devon will be there with me while I'm in labor. 
Along with my other friend, Epidural.

I'm just about one week from my due date.
Because we did IVF, we know the exact day that I ovulated and therefore have a pretty exact due date of July 15th. Our doctor will let me go one week past the due date and then will likely schedule an induction.

When you get induced, you get drugs (usually Pitocin) to bring on labor and start contractions. And when this happens, it puts your body into labor hard and fast. That doesn't mean that you'll have a quick labor, it means it will certainly hurt!  All of the work your body would do naturally over a period of days happens in a few hours. It's like zero to sixty for your cervix!

I clearly want to avoid being induced. Our doctor said he rarely induces because people end up going into labor naturally.

So let's try to accomplish this.

Despite my denial about labor, I think it's time to kick this into high gear and start trying to get this little boy out and into my arms.

Operation Let's Meet Baby Blackbird is in full effect today!

I have my exercise ball that helps open up my hips.

Then we have squats.

And some fun stair lunges.

The rest is up to our boy!

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