Friday, July 24, 2015

7/23/15 – Week 0: If You Can’t Take Care Of Yourself, How The Hell You Gonna Take Care Of Somebody Else?

Thursday 7/23/15 - Our baby boy Evan Charles is born!

Friday 7/24/15 – This morning they took my catheter out and I could get up and walk to the bathroom and finally EAT SOMETHING!  The hospital menu was pretty good and I could get anything I wanted.  I also got pain killers…. YES PLEASE.  The worse pain is actually in my shoulders, neck and arms from shaking during the c-section surgery. 

Saturday 7/25/15 – It’s getting easier to get up and go to the bathroom. Working on breast feeding and Evan latched perfectly in the afternoon and has since then. We are both getting the hang of this!

They let me take a SHOWER today!  Trust me this was the most amazing news in the world.  I felt like a million bucks afterwards.  The doctors said my incision looks great.

Our boy is absolutely perfect.  Every time the pediatricians come in to check him, he’s passing all tests. They say we will go home tomorrow.

We are so in love.  I look at him and can’t believe he grew inside me.  He’s amazing.

Sunday 7/26/15 – After a night of very minimal sleep because nurses came in to do newborn testing on Evan, I felt completely unprepared to go home today. I can't take care of myself, how do I care for this baby?

We had a final visit with pediatrics and I felt dizzy walking there, which was just across the hallway.
But it was time to go.  

We went downstairs (me being pushed in a wheelchair while holding Evan) and we got our car seat out from the car.  In the parking garage waiting area, we tried putting Evan in the car seat and because of a lack of sleep and emotions running high, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing.  The straps weren’t long enough since he was taller than we expected.  We couldn’t get him in the car seat.  So we got wheeled back up to the maternity ward and had the nurses help us. 

Finally he was in the car seat and fast asleep in our car. 

On the ride home I sat in the back seat to be with Evan.  It was so painful.  Beyond painful.  Every bump, every turn, every movement hurt my incision.  I couldn’t get comfortable.  Julia drove so slowly but it didn’t matter.  Thank god Evan slept the whole time and didn’t notice anything that was going on. 

Once we were home, there was nowhere I could sit and be comfortable.  My bed didn’t have guardrails that I had gotten used to and our sofa was too low to the ground.  I felt overwhelmed.  I wanted to go back to the hospital. 

From all the fluids they gave me during labor because of the epidural, my legs and feet swelled so much I could hardly walk.  Of course the best way to move the fluid around was to walk, but there was so much fluid at my ankles that it pinched my skin when I stood up. 

Today my breast milk started the transition from colostrum to breast milk.  This involved a lot of pain because they were engorged and Evan had trouble latching.  We had a doula come over tonight and she said in the first 3-7 days of the baby’s life, the milk will transition.  Once the transition is complete, the pain and swelling will go down.  Until then, I'm using warm washcloths to try and alleviate the pain. 

Tuesday 7/28/15 – I’m starting to feel better and feedings are going better. I don’t need to use a warm washcloth every time.  We went to the pediatrician today and Evan lost 10% of his body weight.  That is normal in the first days of the baby’s life because of the milk transitioning.  So by his 2 week check up, he needs to have gained it back.  That is the goal.  Everything else was perfect.

We also have to be on the look out for a “mustard yellow” color poopy diaper by Friday morning.  If we don’t have that, he might not be getting enough milk.  Like there wasn’t pressure already!  All we are talking about now are his diapers and my boobs.  This has become our life.  High alert diaper duty begins now.  We are also tracking everything around the clock with alarms. From feedings every 2 hours to my motrin and narcotics, this is our situation:

Wednesday 7/29/15 – My boobs don’t hurt as much but my nipples are cracked and starting to bleed.  This is starting to get painful.  Our doula thinks Evan has a tongue tie that we should get corrected.  The small piece of skin under the tongue can be snipped (there is little to no feeling there) and that will allow him to latch better while breast feeding.  We made an appointment for Friday. Stay tuned.

"You wanna snip what now?!"

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