Thursday, July 23, 2015

7/23/15 - Epi-Durable

Thank god for drugs.

My contractions were no joke, I was in tears and clearly not having fun anymore. So it was time. Time for my friend, Epidural to pay me a visit.

I was terrified of this procedure. I couldn't stop thinking that I would move at the wrong time and be PARALYZED FOR LIFE!

Julia and our doula, Devon left the room so I could concentrate and be completely in the zone. The anesthesiologist was amazing and she talked me through every step of the way along with the help of our amazing nurse.

I was so surprised that it didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. I was slouched over on the bed and dripping with sweat I was so nervous!
And then it was done! I did it!!!

Soon I started feeling relief and now my legs are numb but I can still feel them. I feel some contractions but not nearly as much as earlier. Drugs work!!!

Luckily I'm still progressing in my labor and am having tons of contractions. Bonus is that I can't really feel them. And if I do, I just press this nifty button and boom!

In 15 minutes I'm on cloud nine again!

I'll get checked again soon and we will see how to progress. Everyone here is letting me try to labor naturally as much as possible before pumping me full of pitocin and other induction drugs.

We are in good hands and they even let me eat a Popsicle!

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