Monday, July 20, 2015

7/20/15 - Contractions Speak Louder Than Words

We had our appointment this morning for the non-stress test to see how our boy is doing in there.

They measured the amniotic fluid and it was perfect.

They took my blood pressure and it was perfect.

Then they put the bands around my belly to measure his heart rate and my uterus for any possible contractions.

I had been nervous about the fluid level so once we got to the 20 minute monitoring test I was thinking, "What a breeze!"

That is until the monitor started picking up all of these contractions I was having...

I'm at the bottom of the screen (5511F)  and the blue line is his heart rate and green are my contractions.
Every major white line indicates a 4 minute time span.
So...I was having contractions every few minutes!

I could definitely feel my belly get hard all over and some of the contractions were a little painful. Just ask Jules because I was squeezing her hand!

After the monitoring was complete the nurse came in and asked how strong they felt. She said since I could still talk during them, I'm probably in the early stages of labor. Which surprise, surprise can last for days or longer! We need the contractions to get more powerful and then we will be on to something.

She had a doctor come down and see how much I was dilated. 
I'm still at 2cm but now my cervix is soft, which is great. (It had been medium a week or so ago.)

Our boy is finally getting ready to come meet his mommies!

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