Thursday, July 16, 2015

7/16/15 - 101 Dilations: Part 5

We saw the doctor this morning to discuss some options of how to get this little boy moving along.
He is now fashionably (of course!) late and his mom can barely walk!

First option was to have my membranes stripped. This helps open up the cervix and have your body move closer to going into labor. We decided to do this. The doctor basically uses his fingers to open the cervix... and WOW.

I must have said, "Oh my god" and "Oh my" about a dozen times. 
From another room, I'm sure it sounded like something different was going on!

It was definitely uncomfortable and caused some bleeding, but wasn't nearly as painful as I had feared. When the doctor finally stretched the cervix enough and it opened he said, "I can feel the head." 
I almost fainted. 
I could feel all of this!

But then it was over. He said I had still been only at 1cm somehow. 
That sounds so impossible. 
With how uncomfortable I've been feeling, I thought I had progressed more than that.

Well after the stripping of the membranes and stretching the cervix, I'm now at 2cm! 
8 more to go until we meet this boy!

After all of this stripping was over with, I got a fetal non-stress test done. This was on the labor and delivery floor of the hospital. They start these tests if you go past your due date to make sure the baby is doing ok in there.

First they did an ultrasound to measure the amount of amniotic fluid. 
Our boy fell within the normal range, so he is doing fine swimming around in there.

Then they took my blood pressure which was normal. 

And finally I was laying in a comfy bed with two belts around my belly. These are the same belts I'll have on me when I'm in labor. One measured his heart rate and the other measured my belly for contractions.

The top blue line is his heart rate and the bottom green line is my belly.

I laid like this for 20 minutes and BOOM our boy passed the test! 
Everything looked perfect.

Next step if I don't go into labor is to have another non-stress test done on Monday morning.

And then I would get induced on Wednesday evening. So let's hope the membrane stripping did the trick and I will go into labor naturally, which could happen anytime between this afternoon and next week.

Come on Baby Blackbird!

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