Thursday, June 25, 2015

6/25/15 - Prenatal Yoga, Class 5

I went to yoga this morning again with the teacher I really liked from the weekend.

Huge bonus of going during the week at 11am: 
The class was smaller and these were full term mommies!
No whiney 17 week pregnant chicks!
Probably all of these women have stopped working and it was nice that we all seemed to be on the same page.

However, I made the mistake of eating breakfast a little too soon before the class. I was still digesting when the class started and then the sugar from my juice hit Baby Blackbird.
He started going crazy!
I said, "Hey calm down in there! We are doing YOGA!"

One girl brought up that she was craving chocolate and the teacher said that chocolate helps with milk production.

Well that's great news!
Especially because last night I came across ORGANIC OREOS!!!
And all profits go to CHARITY!
It's a win win!

I'm hoping Blackbird gives me time to be able to go back next week for my final class. It was hard to do some of the exercises, but I got a lot of good stretches out of it.

I remember starting yoga and seeing the women who said they were 37+ weeks pregnant. Then the next week, they wouldn't show up. It was like they had disappeared.

Now, I'm one of those moms who can easily disappear!  This little boy could decide at any moment that's he's over it and is ready to come on out.

It's amazing knowing how quickly our lives will change. I can picture us with this little boy at home. What I can't picture is the labor to actually get him out!

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