Monday, June 22, 2015

6/22/15 - GB Strep Test

Last week I had a test for GB strep at the doctor's office.

This test looks for Group B strep (GBS), which is a kind of bacteria that many people have in their intestinal tracts. The bacteria may also be in your vagina and rectum as well, and be passed on to your baby during labor and birth.

Approximately 10-30% of women have this bacteria and likely don't even know it.  It can be passed on to the baby and in some cases cause serious infection or even death to the newborn.

The test is painless and just involves a swab of the vagina and of your bottom (SURPRISE!) and that's it.

I got my results back today and I'm GB NEGATIVE!

If I had been positive, that just means that when I arrive to the hospital, I would need to get a dose of antibiotics through an IV.  At some hospitals, this means that you can't really labor while walking around because you are now hooked up to IVs for these antibiotics.

This is another good reason to draw up a birth plan, but be prepared to throw it out the window.

If you have your heart set on laboring on a birthing ball and sitting in a tub, etc and find out you are GB positive, well there goes that labor plan because you are now hooked up to IVs and are probably laying in your hospital bed.

So this is all good news for me and I'm excited to go to the doctor tomorrow morning and see what the story is with the DILATION SITUATION!

Last week I was 1cm.... do we think I'll still be 1cm or will I have increased to 2?!

Stay tuned!

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