Saturday, June 20, 2015

6/20/15 - Prenatal Yoga, Class 4

I took my 4th prenatal yoga class today.
It had been a while since I was there and with 3 classes left that I already paid for, it was time to revisit the hippie den!

I wanted to try a different instructor and this really paid off.  I loved her.  She was so sweet and helpful and would come around and adjust me as needed to get the most out of the exercises.

However, the class didn't start with all of those warm and fuzzy feelings.

I walked in and started looking at everyone's belly...
Am I in the right class?
Is this PRENATAL yoga?
These women had tiny baby bumps and I waddle in there at 36 1/2 weeks looking for all of the other full term mommies!

Luckily, I was in the right class and I started setting up my mat, etc.

Then the instructor handed out straps that look like these:

So you could do things with them like this:

And I thought, let the torture begin!

Minute 4 of the class and some girl asks to turn the fan OFF because she was COLD.
First of all, there are tons of bodies in here and BODIES WITHIN BODIES and you want the fan OFF?!
Fine... the instructor turned the fan off.

We went around and said our name, how far along we were and if we were experiencing any discomfort.
All of these girls from 15-20 weeks are like, "Oh I feel fine!"
Of course you do!
You're barely pregnant!
Wait 15 more weeks and get back to me!

Minute 12 and it's sweltering.
The teacher asked if it was hot and I voiced my opinion of YES IT WAS HOT and she said she was going to turn on the AC.
She turned to the previously COLD girl and asked if that was ok.
The girl said, "I'll be fine.  I'll be fine."
Yes you will be fine, Miss 17 weeks pregnant!  Try getting to 36 weeks and let me know how much you want that fan OFF!

Finally, it started cooling down in there.
The exercises were tough but I got a lot of good stretching from this class.

At the end, the women around me wished me good luck and I thanked them.
But settle down ladies!
I still have 4 more weeks.... or at least 1 1/2 until July!
I'll be back!

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