Sunday, May 17, 2015

Waiting To Exhale, Part 2

This morning we had Part 2 of our Labor & Delivery Class!
We talked a lot about epidurals (thank God, because I can't wait to have mine) and also about c-sections (which I'm hoping to avoid at all costs).

I felt better knowing that before they insert a HUGE MOTHER F*&%ING NEEDLE into your spine, they first numb the area.  So I'll get one shot that will feel like a bee sting to my lower back.  That will numb the area and then I just have to hold still while they put in the long needle that has a catheter attached to it.  The catheter will stay in the "epidural space" of my spine and will allow medicine to continuously flow, numbing me from the waist down.

I'm so glad I won't be able to watch this.

And then I'll start feeling fabulous and can try to "enjoy" the rest of labor.  The best thing about an epidural is that the medicine doesn't cross the placenta.  So it doesn't affect the baby at all.

After such a fun class learning about these needles at 10am, it was time for lunch!  We went to Connie & Ted's, an amazing seafood restaurant.

Like I said, AMAZING!

And then it was time to come home for a family selfie (minus Ashton our cat who was feeling shy).

Now we are off to the movies, but first here is our weekly baby bump!

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