Saturday, May 9, 2015

5/9/15 - To Swedish Hell And Back

We survived Swedish Hell!
Can we get t-shirts made that say that?!

Today we finished putting together Blackbird's dresser. The drawers are all in and once we put a few together, the rest were easy enough. 
(Which is saying a lot considering the directions lacked... should we say DIRECTION.)

Here's the finished product along with his beautiful blackbird print!

I'm going to cherish this photo because I know that as soon as he's able, our son will probably grab a red marker and go to town on it!

After getting through the dresser, you must imagine my level of surprise when we slid the last drawer in and Julia said, "Do you want to start on the bookcase?"
I almost fell over!

Thank god the bookcase was so much easier and it's now assembled next to the dresser.
I'm saving that photo op for when the whole room is complete, so you'll have to wait!

Julia mentioned to me later that she took a step back and could see how the room was really coming together.
Blackbird's room.

For years our second bedroom was never used. Then it became a guest room that was used only a few times a year. And now, it will be someone's actual bedroom.
Our son's room.

So excited to have him in there and show him around!
(But not until JULY!)

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