Friday, May 8, 2015

5/8/15 - E.L.L.E.N.

I had the enormous privilege of attending the Ellen Mother's Day Show!

I had applied online by telling the story of how we got pregnant. 
I explained how we tried on our own via at-home insemination for 6 months before we enlisted the help of the pros. We tried IVF last summer with Julia and unfortunately it didn't work. So last fall we had the insane idea to do IVF together. At the same time. We both ended up with viable embryos and we transferred one of Julia's into me and BAM - it's Baby Blackbird! 

He has such an amazing story. Knowing everything that his mommies went through to help create him and bring him into this world is pretty incredible.

So, a few weeks after applying, I got an email.

It was absolutely amazing.

I pulled up to the parking structure and saw just how crazy this show was going to be.

After waiting in line for a while, I finally had my audience number!

I mean there were 300 of us pregnant chicks here...

Then we finally walked across the street and made it into the studio.

And that's when everything really went down!
I was already on the verge of having a breakdown after the first two giveaways.

Here's a whole clip of them!

Then it was time to drive home...
With all these gifts!!!!

After my wife brought them all upstairs, here is what our house looks like!

It was so exciting to be there with Ellen and meet all of these ladies who have also been through long journeys to get pregnant.

I can't wait to show Baby Blackbird all of his goodies!

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