Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/7/15 - Placent-Yay!

This morning we had a 30 week ultrasound to measure Blackbird's growth.
I was really nervous about today.

I forgot to mention that at our last ultrasound (about a month ago), the placenta had actually NOT moved away from my cervix. After closer inspection, it was still covering most of my cervix and our doctor said that it could still move up until 30-32 weeks.

So this morning I knew we would have another look at that placenta and if it was still covering my cervix, they would make a call today. I would be diagnosed with:

- Complete previa: the cervical opening is completely covered
- Partial previa: a portion of the cervix is covered by the placenta
- Marginal previa: extends just to the edge of the cervix

When you have these conditions (especially a complete previa), you're essentially stuck with a c-section. If you try to give birth vaginally, the placenta would come out first and you could bleed to death. Ideally the placenta attaches at the top of the uterus so the baby can come out first followed by the placenta.

I kept reminding myself: no matter what the outcome is today, whatever is best for baby boy is what we will do. And if that means a c-section then so be it. I will deal with it and be fine. He is the most important thing.

Well, you better believe I had a huge sigh of relief when I heard, "THE PLACENTA HAS MOVED AND IS NO LONGER COVERING THE CERVIX!"  Our doctor said based on the measurement, it's essentially "MILES AWAY"!

Thank god!

And then the next wave of emotions came over me:
I will be pushing this little boy out.

Holy crap. This is gonna happen. Of course I never wanted a c-section, but I would have been reserved to whatever happened today and was best for Blackbird.

And what's best for him is an epidural STAT!

Although he is partially hidden by the placenta, look at this cutie!

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