Sunday, May 31, 2015

5/31/15 - Waiting To Exhale, Part 3

This morning we had our final labor and delivery class.

There's nothing like waking up early and seeing a birth video at 10am!

At first the video seemed a bit over the top and out dated. I mean I swear my mom wore the same exact glasses in the 80s as the lady in labor.

Well just as I was making fun of the video, that baby came out of her and I started crying. I saw other pregnant moms wiping their eyes and I just couldn't stop the tears!

Birth truly is a miracle. To watch this woman push out that little baby and see another human being born and then immediately placed on her chest, it was all overwhelming. And I couldn't help but think about me being in that same situation. Having Jules by my side and pushing out this little boy and finally getting to see him.

I'm tearing up just writing this!

The rest of the class focused on postpartum and what happens after the baby is born.

Suddenly this was all starting to feel more real. We just finished our final labor class and I'm about 6 weeks from my due date now. It's amazing how quickly this time has gone.

Soon we will meet Baby Blackbird and start a whole new chapter of our life together.

But for now, he's hanging out in here!

And I'm hanging out with this!

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