Monday, May 25, 2015

5/25/15 - Palm Springs Babymoon

We were able to take one final trip before Blackbird is here. We spent the long weekend in Palm Springs.

After arriving late Friday night, we woke up Saturday and had some breakfast in bed. Then it was time to hit the pool in our very own private cabana!

We were happy to be out of the sun and loved hanging out here all day.

We reserved our room under the "Babymoon" package and apparently that includes snacks if you want them.

Yes, yes I did want them!

In the late afternoon it was spa time! I got a prenatal massage, which was so lovely I almost asked to stay in the room and sleep for another half hour. Jules got a hot lava massage involving hot stones (sans lava).

We took a mini walk and then had dinner at the hotel restaurant. I had a feeling Blackbird was still having a growth spurt because I wasn't very hungry. When he's growing, there is less room for my stomach so eating isn't quite as appealing.

After dinner we saw the first episode of Empire in bed (which was amazingly captivating)...

...and then we fell asleep.

Suddenly at 4:30am, someone paid us a visit.

Hey girl! Miss me?!

The Toni Braxton Hicks contractions started and were definitely worse than last time. It started again at the top center of my uterus (so at this point that's in my chest almost in the center of my boobs) and my abdomen would get hard with each contraction. We knew as long as they weren't happening in some type of pattern that we would be ok. However, this time I wasn't able to change positions to get them to stop.

I rolled to my left side (which is normally my favorite) - excruciating pain.
Right side - pain but a little better.
Sitting up - pain.
Walking around - ohmygod pain.

Are there mini epidurals for these Toni Braxtons?!


At about 5:15am, Jules ventured out to get me some water hoping that might help.
Nothing. Was. Helping.

Suddenly it was 6:00am and I was still in pain and had no idea where that hour and a half went.

With these blackout curtains in our room, that hour and a half completely disappeared.
It was like the Vegas of PAIN.

I tried all of my breathing techniques that I learned in our childbirth class to get through the contractions. Even worse they didn't really have a beginning and an end. It was a constant pain at the top of my uterus followed by bouts of really bad pain in my whole belly.

Blackbird was moving around during these probably oblivious to what was going on.

Finally at 6:30am (2 hours later), the pain had subsided enough where I could fall back asleep. Surrounded by pillows, I slept for a few more hours.

I woke to order one hell of a breakfast. I was finally hungry again and had earned this one!
(Plus it was free as part of the "Babymoon" package so it was time to eat up!)

Ok I didn't eat it all but damn I felt like a queen being surrounded by plates of food!

Then it was time to head back to our private cabana.

Only problem was... It wasn't there.
Of the three cabanas, they were all occupied and none had our reserved sign on them.

After a visit to see the manager, we were told there was a mix up and we weren't able to have our cabana today.

Don't people know not to mess with a pregnant chick?!!!!

Obviously, this was unacceptable.
We ended up with a $200 credit and free lunch. They offered us a late check out and cabana reservation for Monday but we just wanted to leave after breakfast so this wasn't helpful.

This was clearly a let down. But we made the most of it, as we do. We sat outside in the shade at the restaurant with a view of the mountains and proceeded to order:

Strawberry lemonade
2 beers
Shrimp tacos
Chicken salad sandwich
Chocolate gelato

It would have been more but we were stuffed to the gills. Trust me, everything tastes better when it's free.

We went back to the room for a few more hours and then ventured to the pool again. By now it was empty and there were plenty of seats. We relaxed and read for a while before dinner.

By Monday morning, we were ready to head out and go back to see our adorable dog and cat.

We got home and worked on the nursery a little more and are so happy it's getting close to ready!

Happy Monday Bump!

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