Saturday, May 2, 2015

5/2/15 - Whoa, Toni Braxton (Hicks)

Last night we had dinner with friends at an Italian restaurant. As we know, that's all I want to eat nowadays.

After we finished our entrees, we ordered dessert. One of the desserts was a blueberry tart. When it came out, it was clear the tart contained custard and I wanted to make sure it didn't also have any raw eggs.

Me to the waiter: Do you know if this has any raw eggs in it?
Waiter: Eggs?
Me: Yes, raw eggs.
My friend Jen: She's pregnant.
Waiter: Oh.
Me: Could you just ask if it has eggs in it? Raw ones?
Waiter: Let me ask.
(He comes back a few minutes later.)
Waiter: No, it doesn't have any egg rolls in it.
Me: What?!
Waiter: No egg rolls.
Me: I know. Can you please ask about RAW EGGS!

Of course it doesn't have egg rolls in it. 
It's a f*&%ing blueberry tart for Christ's sake!

After that comical event, we came home and went to bed. 
Around 2am, I woke up from stomach pain. My first thought was, "Oh sh*t! Now I'm sick from that damn custard!"

The pain was at the top of my belly in the middle near the center of my breast bone. 
AKA where my stomach currently resides.

It felt tight and not like I was going to be sick but definitely uncomfortable. Jules woke up and got me some sparkling water. I sat up and the pain eventually moved down along the right side of my belly. After probably 30+ minutes of googling these symptoms, I was able to fall back asleep.

Then a few hours later I woke up again. This time the pain felt more like cramping and I felt my belly get tight. And we knew what it was now.


"Don't blame me!"

They are the false contractions that can occur at any time in the third trimester as my body is practicing for labor. It can practice all it wants as long as it realizes we have a ways to go!

After I sat up and changed positions, they went away. Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular and should go away if you move around or change positions and don't last too long. Otherwise you're in real damn labor!

So that wasn't fun to say the least. I forgot for a minute what period cramps felt like. If labor is anything like that, just hook me up to the epidural right now!

After that semi sleepless night, we had our hospital tour this afternoon. It was so exciting to go up to the labor and delivery floor and see where this will all go down.

As soon as we saw the labor room, I walked in and teared up. 
This is where I will deliver our son. Seeing it made it seem even more real.

How did this happen?!
How are we having a baby?!
I just can't believe it sometimes.

Then we saw the recovery room where I'll spend 1-2+ nights and I teared up again. We will be in one of these rooms and I'll be nursing and he will be with us, not in my belly anymore.

We are getting closer to this miracle becoming a reality. 
We're going to be mommies and I couldn't be happier.

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