Friday, May 1, 2015

5/1/15 - 10 Steps To Pump It Up

If you are planning to breastfeed, LISTEN UP!

Thanks to Obamacare, you are entitled to receive a breast pump FREE OF CHARGE from your insurance company!!!!!!

Isn't this exciting news?!

Our doula let us know this amazing fact and (at least for me) the process was so easy. 
Here's how it went down:

1. I called my insurance company and asked what I needed to do in order to receive a breast pump.

2. They gave me the number of a medical supplier they work with, and said I just need to contact them and they will walk me through everything.

3. I called the medical supplier and the rest was a piece of cake.

Mmm, cake...

4. They asked for some basic information over the phone (my full name, date of birth, due date, insurance information, etc) and then said they would send me an email with a few more questions.

5. A few minutes later I got an email and they had already figured out which breast pumps I was eligible for based on my insurance. They gave me a list and asked which one I preferred.

6. They also needed a photocopy of a prescription from my doctor.

7. I emailed them back with the doctors prescription and answered the rest of their questions.

8. They responded by saying that I was all set but that I would need to let them know once the baby was born in order to receive the breast pump.

9. Depending on your insurance, you might be able to receive your pump shortly after they take down your information. With my plan, I have to wait until he is born and the pump will be mailed to me the very next business day. But they have my information and I'm all set to go!

10. I'll be pumping in no time and Jules will be able to help me give bottles to our little boy!
Easy as pie!

Mmm, pie...

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