Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4/8/15 - Week 26: Eggplant

Today the baby is the size of...

He already weighs two pounds!  Look how big he is!

This week is a big milestone for him because he starts to open his eyes and blink. I assumed babies kept their eyes closed in there, but nope! He will start looking around and is able to suck his thumb, clasp his hands and touch his toes.

Also this week, the tiny teeth buds are forming for his permanent teeth. 
Isn't that wild?! It's still hard to believe all of this is happening in there.

Just over three months to go!

So today I asked my lovely wife to come home with the eggplant pictured above.  
She also came home with this:

There's baby clothes shopping at Whole Foods for you.  

Now I'm all about sweatshop free factories and things to save the environment.
But I've never seen a sticker that says "Knit in a WIND powered factory".

I mean really?!

But they are some adorable, organic hippie socks!

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