Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/14/15 - Pediatricians

Today we got to interview a prospective pediatrician for our baby boy.
Because that's what you do now.

You make appointments to see pediatricians and then you interview them so you know which one is right for you.  I'm guessing about 30 years ago, you went with whomever was easiest / in your area / the one your OB recommended.

Today, we interview.

And sometimes you even have to PAY for that interview.
What a racket.

Julia and I got to the doctor's office and were one of about 6 couples who were scheduled for a meet and greet with the doctor.  He went over things about how their practice runs, other doctors in the practice, after hours and weekend appointments, etc and we ended with a Q&A session and a tour of the office.

This particular doctor is from the east coast (just like us) and he believes in running on time.  He said you will not wait more than 15 minutes to be seen.  The waiting room had toys and books for kids to play with and a huge fish tank built into the wall.  There were also "well" and "sick" entrances and if your child is sick, you are guaranteed to be seen that same day.

I asked questions about immunizations (such as the measles) and was happy to hear that they only allow vaccinated children in the practice.  They strongly believe in vaccines and immunizing children according to a standard schedule throughout the first few years of life.

They also have a lab on the premises and can get a variety of test results within MINUTES.

All in all, he was very friendly and could joke around.  He guaranteed that you can ask him a million questions during your visits and you'll never feel rushed (which was big for me because I always have questions)!  And we just got a good vibe from him and the rest of the office.

So, despite HAVING TO PAY FOR THIS INTERVIEW, we found our pediatrician!
I'm so excited to have one more thing crossed off our list!

Blackbird says, "Thumbs up, Moms!  Can't wait to meet the guy!"

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