Sunday, April 12, 2015

4/12/15 - Ojai Babymoon

This weekend we went to Ojai for a mini babymoon.  We want to try and plan as many mini getaways as we can before we never are able to sleep again, and this weekend was perfect.

We arrived late Friday night and got into our pajamas to watch some House of Cards in bed with the fireplace on!  It was absolutely lovely.

Then with me laying on my side, Julia read Blackbird his first book.

Well, he loved it!  He started moving around like crazy!

Then on Saturday morning, we woke up to this amazing view on our balcony.

The mountains looked incredible and we love the Spanish style so much.

Finally, we are off to breakfast.
Of course I wanted everything from the menu, but settled for this delicious dish.

I can never have enough ketchup!

After breakfast, we went back to our room and read on the balcony for a little.  Then it was time to hit the pool!

It was a bit crowded at the adult pool, but Julia found us some seats.  Sadly they were right in the sun.  Sunbathing and pregnancy don't mix and I soon realized this.  I can't let my body temperature get too hot (you also can't take hot baths), so what I imagined as a pool day quickly became unrealistic.

Until some people with chairs in the SHADE decided to leave.  My wife swooped in like a hawk and grabbed us great seats with this beautiful view.

And then of course it was time to take a selfie.

My wife captioned this "Where in the world is Carmen San Di-pregnant?".  
Yes, a terrible pun, but I love terrible puns!

We looked a few chairs down and realized that Giada De Laurentiis was there at the Ojai pool!  

All we could think of is, we own her frying pans!
We also own them because she's pretty damn hot, but they are in fact good pans!

By now we have worked up an appetite so my wife had a few drinks and we ordered lunch.

An amazing chicken salad delivered right to my pool chair on a breakfast-in-bed type tray.  

After all of this relaxing, eating and celebrity sighting, it was time for our massages!

I had my first prenatal massage and when I walked into the massage room and there was a FIREPLACE, I knew I was in good hands.  This type of massage is done on your side since we pregnant broads aren't allowed to be on our backs anymore.  So you get one side done and then halfway through you switch to your other side.
It was lovely and I'm debating hiring a masseuse to move in with us...

Now feeling extremely relaxed, there was one thing we wanted:

Good thing I passed my glucose diabetes test!
This was so f*&%ing good I couldn't stand it.
Here I am, mid-roast:

And the finished product:

Um, yeah.
That's what I'm talking about!

While we dined on s'mores (before dinner of course because we are adults and can make decisions like that!), we also waited for the PINK MOMENT.

I know that sounds like something sexual, but GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!

The pink moment lasts only a few minutes and is right at sunset.

When the sun sets in the west, it creates an incredible shade of pink on the eastern mountains in Ojai.  Saturday's pink moment wasn't the best we have seen, but here is the idea.

And that led into this a few minutes later.

We walked around to try and get some of that sugar out of us (which Blackbird LOVED!) and we found adorable courtyards and Spanish tiles on the property before we turned in for the night.

Sunday morning's view was also gorgeous and despite eating several s'mores the night before, it was time to satisfy a craving: 

They were incredible.  
Fresh strawberries inside of the pancake batter..... I can't even look at this picture without wanting them again!  I can't even remember the last time I had pancakes!

Just as we were finishing breakfast, this adorable bird came to send us on our way.

He was blue and white, but maybe a blackbird sent him over to say goodbye.

We had such a relaxing weekend together.  It was so fun to sit on our balcony or by the pool and read books and hold hands and talk.  

The biggest adventure of our entire lives will start in about 3 months.
Our next big chapter.
I can't imagine being on this adventure with anyone else.  I'm so lucky to have my wife, my best friend by my side.
And soon we will have a little boy right here along with us.

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