Sunday, March 8, 2015

3/8/15 - Prenatal Yoga

For those who know me, I'm just not into yoga. So the fact that I took my first yoga class today is pretty big news. But come on, it was prenatal yoga so it can't be that bad, right?!

Well......everything got off to a great start when me and two other girls all waited in the wrong room for the class to start. None of us had been there before and thankfully the instructor came over to our waiting area for something else and happened to ask if we were there for class. Some of these yoga places are run by hippies and you might just need a little more efficiency in there! Like signs would have been helpful to explain what is going on!

So we walk next door to the other studio and the pregnant chicks start piling in. One after another the room got FULL! Tons of ladies having babies laid out their mats and we all had to move over to make space.

Then we spent almost 15-20 minutes going around the room stating our name, how far along we were and if we were experiencing any pain. 
I was last. 
By the time it got to me, the instructor had just checked the clock and was like, "Oh it's late!" 
And I'm like, "Oh no shit!" 
So we finally started...

And this shit was hard!
I thought it was going to be relaxing!

There was a lot of stretching in the beginning but when the instructor said the word PLANK, I almost walked out. 
Are you kidding me?!

I've done Pilates before, so I know what planks are. 
And they suck.

(Note: No one smiles while they're in this position...)

Now imagine doing that with a baby bump.
Some chick in the class was 38 weeks pregnant doing this! I'm thinking that child is gonna walk the plank and come right out of her by the end of this!

I somehow survived the planks and was able to do the exercises to the best of my ability.

Then at the end, we sit upright and the instructor asks us to close our eyes and think about our bodies and what feels different.

I'll tell you what feels different... 
I need some lunch and a nap ASAP!

I think once I get more used to the exercises it will be more enjoyable and I can relax into it a little more. I signed up for 6 classes and sat in my car while my arms were still a little numb. 

This is gonna be an adventure for sure, so get ready, Baby Blackbird!

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