Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/4/15 - Week 21: Papaya

Today the baby is the size of...

(We didn't have a 7" long banana so we are going with the other site that has him as big as a papaya!)

I'm so happy to report that since this past weekend I have been feeling fabulous. My round ligament pain is very minimal and doesn't even happen every day. I'm hoping I stretched out enough to be able to enjoy a few weeks of feeling good!

This week our little boy starts swallowing some amniotic fluid each day to practice digesting. So he is getting a taste of whatever I eat. They say that babies might have a tendency to like certain foods later on because they were exposed to them in the womb. So this little guy is about to become a huge lover of pasta, pizza and anything ITALIAN!

And apparently he sleeps up to 14 hours a day... Must be nice!!!

Last night, Julia and I were watching TV and I felt him poking me so I grabbed her hand and put it on my belly. After a few seconds, he moved again and she felt it! She pulled her hand back so quickly like, "OMG he's in there!" I'm so happy I got to share that moment with her and have her feel a little bit of what I've been experiencing on a daily basis!

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