Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3/31/15 - The Stroller / Car Seat Debacle

Things have changed over the years and everything has gotten way more complicated.

Strollers don't look like this anymore:

Car seats aren't like this anymore:

And I'm pretty sure this is deemed "unsafe":

As Julia and I work on building our registry, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. Because there isn't one safe stroller out there. And the car seat element just complicates things.

Now-a-days, there are stroller bases:

That come with a stroller seat:

And interchange with an infant car seat:

The idea is that you can pop off the stroller seat and attach the infant car seat for ease during travel or if the baby is still asleep after a car ride.

But you don't want to always rely on wheeling the baby around in the car seat because BABIES ARE GETTING FLAT HEADS! Which can also be caused by other things like THEIR CRIBS.  God there is so much to worry about.

So apparently you want to keep the car seat in the car and transfer the baby into the stroller seat for a walk, etc.

SAVINGS ALERT: Some stroller seats are ready to use from when the baby is an infant because they fold back.

NON-SAVINGS ALERT: Since the stroller seats are obviously not car seats, you still need to buy an infant car seat for your car. And it will only last you 6 months to 1 year if you're lucky!

CAR SEAT OPTION: You can purchase a "convertible" car seat that can last from newborn through all car seat ages.

But there are mixed reviews on this approach and as far as I know the convertible car seats are NOT compatible with most stroller bases.

This is quite a racket, I know.
Someone pass me a drink...
of sparkling water, calm down.

After trying out different options, we are looking to register for the NUNA MIXX STROLLER with PIPA INFANT CAR SEAT.

Then when Blackbird has outgrown the infant car seat in a year or less, we will buy a convertible car seat for him to enjoy for several years. We will leave that solely in the car and he will be wheeled around in his stroller.

I have definitely found the stroller / car seat items some of the most complicated to research and learn about.

Can't we just do this anymore?!


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