Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/19/15 - Check UP

Today we had a doctor's appointment and everything is looking great. We even got to see baby Blackbird for a minute and I saw that heart beating and he was moving around!

Yesterday I was feeling some sharp pain in the lower right side of my uterus and it would only last for a few seconds. I told the doctor about this and he said it's completely normal and it's my uterus stretching. How fun!

But the best news of the morning: THE PLACENTA HAS MOVED UP!

Only a slight part of it is near the cervix but it has definitely moved and our doctor isn't worried about it at all. It has until I'm 32 weeks to move more and we all know it will.

In two weeks from today, I go back for the infamous GLUCOSE TEST along with an ultrasound to see how baby boy is growing.

The glucose test is to detect gestational diabetes and you can count on an entry about that for sure!

Thanks to an incredibly generous friend, baby Blackbird got his first taste of Philly food today!

Campo's Deli in Philadelphia delivered cheesesteaks "wit Wiz", peppers and onions along with Herr's potato chips. 
I'm in heaven right now.

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